Woman Excited For A Scavenger Hunt Her Husband Made, Finds Out That Her Farts Stink

There are couples who like to have fun and then there are couples who love to have fun. Imagine waking up one morning and realizing it’s your birthday. As you’re brushing your teeth and thinking of how awesome today will be, you notice a piece of paper telling you there’s a map under your sink. And before you know it, you’re on a super romantic birthday scavenger hunt. Except there’s a twist.

At the end of the codebreaker scavenger hunt, you don’t get the reward you’d expect. Instead, you find a note saying that your farts stink. That’s exactly what one Imgur user did for his wife. She loved it. And they lived happily ever after. Scroll down and see whether you could figure out all the scavenger hunt clues yourself.

One husband made his wife a birthday scavenger hunt that had a very unexpected ending

I stuck this to the bathroom mirror. she woke up to brush her chompers and surprise!

This map was under the bathroom sink. Plain I know. Her first question is “do I need to put on yoga pants?” My answer was “yes”. The map is a crude picture of our kitchen sink and surrounding cabinets.

Another map! This one was inside a Tupperware container in the drawer full of Tupperware.

I hid this message in a cereal box. It’s a Pigpen cipher. Use the code below to crack it. Or keep scrolling.

The clue in the message says “happy birthday Jill. I love you so much. I’m glad we are married. I hope you like clues. The first is written on the refrigerator.”

A riddle! There’s actually two clues on the fridge. This one was the easy one to find. It took her 10 seconds to find.

This one was hidden behind our whiteboard we write grocery lists on that is mounted on the fridge door. She looked inside the fridge first. Took her a few minutes to locate this one. The message here says to “good job the next clue is where flies are the very jaws of vice”

My fly tying vise. Oh look a clue! Notice in the clue I said vice, not vise. Did that on purpose.


What’s this microscope doing here?

It was really [friggin] hard writing small enough for the widest setting of our microscope.

Down in the garage handing in plain view was this. We have an inside joke on a cute character of a show we are watching right now. That’s the keyword. And the riddle? Hmmm….

This is a vignere cipher table.

Ah the riddle makes sense. Next clue is in a book? She found it almost immediately.

Sweet. It was on page 112, which is her birthday, Jan 12th. We are doing stuff tomorrow so we are doing this today!

Using the code table above, it says “look in the shower”

There! I’m glad she didn’t shower first.

Wtf is this? Gotcha!

I think she got the hint that her farts stink. Mission accomplished. Happy birthday beebee! Here’s some buttcorks. And we are going out for breakfast.

Coming up with scavenger hunts is fun

Imgurian Jts051686’s story was very popular, getting over 6,280 upvotes, and 149,000 views in just two days. Most people praised him for being so creative and playful. While some of the others joked that his wife might divorce him or [ahem] _withhold intimacy_ for a while.

If you loved the idea of doing a scavenger hunt for your significant other (but are reconsidering the cheeky note at the end), there are some things to keep in mind. Preparation is everything. But don’t overthink things. Making everything overly complicated will get you lost just as much as your partner.

There are a few things that you need to decide at the very start. How long do you want your scavenger hunt to last? An hour? Half a day? A week in the middle of a wooded mountain range in Winter?

What’s going to be the big pay-off, the exciting reward, the treasure at the end of the adventure? It can be something as small as a humorous note or an item reminding you both of an inside joke from when you first started dating. But it can also be concert tickets, a wedding ring, the keys to a brand new yacht. Or cake. Can’t go wrong with cake.

Finally, you ought to come up with some sort of hook that will get your loved one involved in the scavenger hunt with a smile on their face from the get-go. Something to draw them in and entice them. Just remember, when coming up with clues, codes, and riddles, it’s best to work in reverse, starting from the very last clue, ending with the first one.

Dear Pandas, have you ever participated in a scavenger hunt or hosted one for anyone before? How did it go? Share your experiences with all of us in the comments.

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