Woman Comes Up With A Brilliant Idea To Cover Outlets With Dollhouse Doors And It Looks Adorable

Despite the current pandemic being a global disaster, ruining lives and economies left and right, some do see a silver lining in it all. A vast number of people have discovered (or rediscovered) their creative side, as they are stuck at home with not much to do, so doing arts and crafts is a way to stay busy until all of this is over.

Some started solving lockdown problems by creating work-from-home pajamas, others took it upon themselves to do co-op homeschooling, and yet others are killing time passing on toilet paper to each other.

And then there are all of the DIY people doing what they do best—creating awesome things. One such DIY enthusiast and craftsperson is Cristina, now better known as cristinaf on Imgur, who is also keeping herself busy. Recently, she posted an image on Imgur of her latest DIY project—a dollhouse door slapped on an electrical power outlet in her house, where she got quite a bit of attention from the community.

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Everyone needs a creative outlet in their life, and even more so during the lockdown

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Cristina, with whom Bored Panda got in touch, shared a collage of a miniature dollhouse door that she slapped on an electrical power outlet in her home, explaining in the picture title that she has taken up putting dollhouse doors as outlet covers around her home.

The door in question is painted dark violet and follows the aesthetic of classic wooden suburban home doors. The door handle is a modernized rustic affair, painted gold, while the door frame is painted brown, bearing a simplistic pyramid-like top above the door. To top it all off, the miniature door comes with its own miniature “Welcome” door mat. It even has a golden key hidden under the mat! Stuart Little would approve.

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

So, Imgur user cristinaf recently posted her latest DIY project—dollhouse door electrical outlet covers

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

“My house is full of cute and creepy décor,” explained Cristina of her free-time passion. “I have always loved miniatures and dollhouses. I am known for wearing a mini teacup ring—I attached a dollhouse teacup and saucer to a ring.” We have included a photo of the teacup ring later in the article.

Cristina has done so many things around the house décor-wise that she can’t recall the exact place where she got the idea for the miniature door outlet cover from. However, this was the start of a wonderful new project of decorating nearly all of the power outlets around the house.

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Apparently, she has done this on more than one electrical socket around her house

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

She also gave us a brief rundown of how she did it for anyone else who wants to do something like this:

“I purchased unfinished dollhouse doors on Amazon, 1:12 scale. I needed to carefully take them apart and reassemble them, as all dollhouse doors open in. I painted them and then simply hot-glued them to the existing plates on my outlets. I do not recommend this for homes with small children as they can be ripped off easily.”

She continued: “It’s important to know that these doors swing in so you need to carefully remove the bottom piece of wood (I used a razor blade,) flip the door around, and re-glue it. You may need to make a new hole for the pin that allows the door to swing. Make sure you don’t glue the door shut! Lastly, paint as you like, and add details and hot glue to the existing outlet plate.”

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Her post has since then gone viral, garnering over 135k views in just one day

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Cristina did, however, issue a small warning regarding the outlet décor: namely, if you have young children or extremely curious pets around the house, it is much better to get proper outlet covers as opposed to aesthetic ones. In her case, she has two dogs who don’t care about the Stuart Little doors everywhere, but other pets may.

Once Cristina uploaded the image to Imgur, the people there loved it immediately. Her post garnered over 3,500 points with almost 140,000 views in just one day. Needless to say, this came as a huge, but very positive, surprise to her.

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Apart from doors, Cristina also dabbles in full-blown dollhouses, with this one taking 2 months to build

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

People love it, with some suggesting kicking it up a notch and adding windows and balconies into the mix. Others praised how the golden key was like a cherry on the top of an already amazing cake. Yet others were inspired to finally use the dollhouse parts and materials they already have to do the same thing, shamelessly proclaiming that they are “stealing” this idea.

Among many other things, Cristina has also dabbled in bigger dollhouse projects, like the Greenleaf Dollhouse, which took two months to complete. Mind you, though the base parts are bulky and easy to assemble, shingles and wall boards are all provided separately, meaning that she had to glue them all one at a time. This is besides the intricate painting of each individual piece, including the window frames and other small decorations.

Another one of her doll-house related projects was a tiny dollhouse teacup ring

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

What are your thoughts on this? Are you now gonna drop everything you’re doing and go stick some leftover dollhouse doors on your outlets? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s what the internet thought of the cutesy dollhouse door electrical outlet covers

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