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    WHY THE OPEN IS HARD, PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield talks about playing links golf and the issues golfers will face on the links style golf courses. The Open Championship at Birkdale will offer classic links style issues and challenges for golfers who want to score well this week. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction from Mark Crossfield. 
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    1. I really struggle with a low punchy shot as I typically hit a very high ball. I've messed around on the range a lot but find I end up shanking or topping a ball on the course. Persistence is the key I guess but this video has helped a lot, Giving me fresh insight. Thanks very much

    2. Mark, the editing and just overall quality of your videos and the vlogs especially has gotten so so much better. You're killing it, cheers mate! Thanks for the consistently quality content

    3. Read a story about Ben Hogan, and it was that he used to go through his long irons, hitting each ball to the same spot.. Then he'd do the same with mid-irons, and short irons… As you said, he would be able to hit a ball a fixed distance using 3 or 4 different irons… The really great part of the story was that he'd have a kid standing out on the range, and he'd hit the balls so they'd drop right beside the kid… The kid would just bend over, pick up that ball, and wait for another… without fear of being hit… It was, after all, Ben Hogan!…

    4. Absolutely love links golf, the most quintessential golfing experience! The scenery, the difficulty, the wind, the GREENS, the different types of shots u can and sometimes have to play, the unforgiving rough, the intimidation of the course, the list goes on! I have been fortunate enough to play some absolutely magnificent links courses in North n South Wales. If u have the opportunity, get yourself out there, u will not regret it. A few of my favourites; Royal St. Davids, Royal Porthcawl and my absolute favourite, Nefyn & District. If u haven't already, get out on those links!!! ⛳️🏌🏻👍🏻

    5. Hey Mark and Matt, I am wondering what your perspectives are regarding the ruling criteria for the unplayable lie Jordan Spieth was allowed. I feel he took advantage of this rule to win the Open. Historically the Open penalizes you if you hit your ball so far from the fairway. What is the determining criteria of an unplayable?

      Why did they allow him to move his ball out of the official course's playing grounds to the flat driving range area for improved lie and terrain and, take so long even though they had been warned about slow play?

      I am sure the rule doesn't address the issue of within the grounds of a course, so it needs to be amended to state within the course's grounds. I think a player should have to play their ball from a course's ground not from an adjacent driving range or other ground not on the course. Maybe allow a player to take the stroke penalty plus distance (back to the tee) if they wanted an unplayable similar to his situation or a drop within 2 club lengths of the unplayable location. He also should have been warned to execute his next shot far sooner under a time warning or given another stroke penalty.

      The R&A officials were very accommodating to Jordan, hence he won the Open. He wasn't in the fairway or bunker near the hole he was playing. He hit a very poor tee shot took a 1 stroke penalty which saved him far more strokes. How was that a penalty fair play? He was allowed to remedy what would have probably cost him at least 2 or more strokes to play his way out of the high grass and steep terrain his ball found from his very poorly executed tee shot. This I would credit to his winning the Open. Yes he played exceptionally after that, but I believe if he was reasonably restricted to where he could take the unplayable lie drop the outcome would have been different. I feel his competitors were slighted by this ruling issue. Minimally he should have been required to take his drop within the official course grounds which would have provided a far less advantage to him and more than likely the Championship. Real Golf! What do you think Bruhs?

    6. What about speith this week though? I dont think he hit 1 knock down shot all week even the sky pundits were commenting on how he wasnt practising them at all on the range?

    7. Punch shot is 1 of my best shots…i do occassionally drag it right (I'm a lefty) but usually I'm on target. 👍
      I also often take at least 1 club more for my punch shots..helps keep it lower and u cant smash the ball with a punch shot as that will usually cause more spin and send the ball higher.

    8. Fantastic video, the production quality gets better and better and the content is awesome. Thanks to you and Coach, I prefer watching your vids than mainstream TV. Keep doing what your doing as you make a lot of people very happy.

    9. Left and right isn't really an issue for me, high and low however is massive problem for me. I hit the ball incredibly high and when I try to reduce loft I end up getting to steep and just hitting it as high so frustrating

    10. Well seeing that you asked good sir^ i hit punchee ones left and rite sumtimes , to high were i just wana run it low like almost on floor . Let me know wut u think

    11. Love playing in those sort of conditions – not only hitting knock downs/punches but trying to get height downwind, or hitting draws & cuts against/with the wind. Definitely think it goes some way to improving your skill set and game.

    12. mark you are the best on youtube aslong as you make these vids we will follow keep up the good work bruh dont listen to the negative idiots trying to bring you down

    13. i use the punch even playing parkland or surrey heathland courses i like to lean my hands slightly foward and back of the stance i tend to cut the ball a bit more of the back of the stance i normally play a little draw any tips

    14. Hi Mark. Love your content and the style of the daily VLOGs is fantastic but I've gotta ask.
      What the hell is going on in that picture behind you in the opening!!??

    15. Great content as always bruh. just a thought do you use a gimbal for your hand held shooting. Ive just got a zihun smooth q. its made a huge difference to my camera smoothness its only £135 from amazon. Keep up the good work!!!

    16. I find punch shots much easier to shape for some reason. Only thing is that I don't know my distances because I never really have to play them unless I'm under a tree trying to get back to the fairway. Becomes a guessing game when I go play links. I end up just taking a gamble throwing up it into the wind hahah

    17. Absolutely play and practice punch shots all the time. Regularly work on knowing how far each iron goes on low trajectory, well-struck 1/2- to 3/4 swings; moving them left & right as well.

      When one is in and under trees as often as I am, probably saves 2 or 3 strokes per round. Really looking forward to playing such shots on true links (i.e., tree-less) course across the pond someday. Knowing how to stay below the wind will be an added bonus at that point.

    18. Yes I can use a punch shot whenever I choose to….because where I grew up it was windy and where I live now is windy so to play golf well it requires that type of shot form day to day…. not all golfers in america I met can do this but surprisingly the top players I have played against in college or junior events usually cant hit this shot unless they do it by accident. They probably didn't practice it by habit like I had to as a junior. Great Video Brah!