What Affect Does Shaft Weight Have on your Golf Shots

What Affect Does Shaft Weight Have on your Golf Shots
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    What Affect Does Shaft Weight Have on your Golf Shots. Mark Crossfield tests some Nippon golf shafts and talks about what happens with different weights and how it might affect your golf game. Simple ideas no rubbish and straight to the point golf info for golfers wanting to understand how to improve their golf equipment and scores.

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    1. Mark, since you are the most relatable, as distance goes to us regular folks, i figured you and Coach could test TP5 and TP5x vs ProV1 and ProV1x vs RB tour and RB Tour x vs Bridgstone Bx and Bsx vs Callaway Chrome Soft. See which company truly has the best ball for distance, feel, durabilty. All hit by one player on same day with same equipment. Putting, chipping, pitching, irons, driver, and out of the sand.
      You may either have to travel to the warmth of Florida or wait til summer. Of course the longer driver, irons, and wedges can be done on GC Quad. It would be a great video. Hope it's doable. Thanks

    2. I recently went to a 125 gram shaft, shortened my backswing, and found I was hitting it further and higher. I "felt" the club. I have a strong grip and a late release, and thus, I really felt my hands zip through.

    3. Heavier shaft in my woods helps me feel like I can get after it a bit more without losing control…feel is the all important intangible

    4. Incorrect shaft weight, flex, bend point, will affect tempo and rhythm and feel causing the golfer to make unnecessary swing adjustments in reaction to the feel and any poor strikes. Too light weight will lead to inconsistent swings body turn, poor release timing, etc. The golfer can adjust. Some more quickly and others may take some time. Even Mark admits that he went back retested the lighter shaft and that the more he used it, the better his strikes.

      Over time, even the better player will experience inconsistent strikes as he will adjust to the feedback from the shaft and the ball flight. When tired or under pressure, his body and subconscious will revert to muscle memory and execute his normal swing to the ill fitted club resulting in inconsistent results.

      The average golfer that does not practice regularly will loose feel. The better player that plays regularly will adapt quickly and find a way to make the shaft work. The average golfer would do well to grip/release/grip the club, performing waggles, and practice swings daily to maintain feel/tempo even without hitting balls.

    5. I got fitted for the z785 irons, I tried the nippon modus 3 120g and I was losing them left, then I tried the c taper light 110g and the dispersion was a lot better. They felt a little dead to me but I went ahead and ordered them. Since then I cannot hit the 5 and the 4 iron without slicing due to high hands and towards the toe. I get no feel of where the club head is compared to my old kbs fst 130g shafts. I don't know why irons are not fitted with a 5 iron demo head as most could hit a 7 iron with any shaft.

    6. I have a curious question?? I thought of having my Driver head removed and put on either an (8 Iron size) shaft or a 7 Iron size!!!! Which are around 36” size shafts. Is this a wise idea? Or is it a recipe to lose lots of distance?? No matter how much more control I might gain.. if any. What’s your take on this idea? Great thanks!

    7. Makes sense that you could turn over a light shaft faster, creating a closed club face. Also that delofts the club thus his lower shot with lighter shaft.
      I would say if you have fast hand go heavy slower hands go light for a quicker turnover. Swing weight is big for me, I have p770's with amt shaft they feel great except I bought the 4 iron seprate and it has a DG s300 and I can't swing it hardly at all. Feels so different. So one day I just balanced one of my clubs on my finger and it balanced about 6 1/4 inches up from the top of the hossel, they all did execept the 4 iron balanced about 9.5 inches up. That is swing weight isn't it? Those lighter shafts must give you a heavier swing weight right?

    8. Shaft flex is more about feeling. Feeling probably has something to do with timing and sequencing of swing.

      I try to hit my irons at 80% of max. I got fitted a few years ago for Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons and KBS C-Taper LITE in S. Absolutely love them.

    9. I prefer an aldila nv 65g it just hits the best for my swing it feels like that on every driver I touch with that shaft. My matrix shaft in my tailormade 5w also feels similar to my aldila shaft though. I can hit other drivers in stiff pretty well but light just feels lacking in control

    10. Hey mark! You should try and get you hands on the Mizuno shaft optimizer. I work at a golf store that does club fittings and I am hesitant to believe that it accurately reflects what said golfer actually needs in terms of iron shaft. If you can get you hands on one and do a review based on whether or not you believe that this device is giving accurate feedback, that would be awesome! Thanks for all of your great videos. Keep it up!

    11. I've got the project x shsfts no weight marked on the shaft. The flex is 5.5 which regular flex what ever that means. I had a "golf pro" tell me he believed the shsfts were 135 grams told me the clubs I bought was designed for a professional golfer. Get this he said " get rid of those and get fitted for a better suited set" lmao. I paid in all for the cheap driver 3 wood and 5 wood, Mizuno irons 4-PW, 3 wedges 52,56,60 degree Mizuno T-5 in US $1300. Now the set he probably wanted to sell me would have been 2-300 less and they would have been Taylor Made (not what I wanted). And they would have been cheater clubs. This all transpired over the shsfts being to heavy. And hey I got a free lesson on my stance during my set up. I made out there. However I'm going to a different pro who has the proper equipment for a proper fitting on the my mizunos. Thanks for the video good work. Love your candor on the topics. You apparently are psychic. Cause so far a lot of your content follows exactly what I have thinking. Keep up the good work.

    12. I would submit that swing weight is at least as important a factor in club feel as total weight, within a relevant range. I would bet that Coach could swing a club with a 90 gr shaft that is swing weighted D5, vs a 120 gr shaft that is swing weighted d0, and get more feel, and even think it feels like the heavier club (total weight).

    13. Spot on, Mark……I've found that the heavier shafted clubs at demo helped the club slot easier for me……

      It felt like I had to manipulate my hands more with the lighter shafted clubs in order to maintain centered strikes on the face.

    14. I tested for 120 gram shafts that worked great on p790's, great distance an accuracy but damn, when I was used to 90 gram shafts, it felt like I had been through the ringer, sore do 2 days after.

    15. I know I am a little late to the party hear but, i used the TM RSI 1s that had a stock 95g shaft in them, for a year and a half my ball striking was hit or miss and I couldnt hit a par 3 to save my life, it was always left or right miss. I recently bought the Wilson FG tour F5 that have the s300 DG 130g shaft and I have not missed a par 3 since. I am more accurate and my ball striking as never been more consistent. I tried another experiment, I have a TM #3 UDI with the stock Ctaper lite shaft, again, struggled to hit it, my bad shots were either an over fade or really short. I had it reshafted last weekend with an S300 DG 130g shaft and have never been more consistent with a 3i. It is more accurate and the distance is crazy. I am switching my driver shaft from an Aldila Tour green xflex 65g to Aldila tour green xflex 85g. we will see. BUT, that is for me and my swing.

    16. Interesting video. I wonder if the difference is greater between light/heavy shafts if the swing speed is slower. I had a club head speed of 67 mph (7) with a 100g steel and it went up 10 mph with a 65g graphite shaft with a quiet different (higher) ball flight.