Wawa vs. Dunkin Donuts! – National Coffee Day!

Wawa vs. Dunkin Donuts! - National Coffee Day!
    I head to WaWa and Dunkin Donuts to try out their pumpkin coffee's to celebrate national coffee day!
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    1. I had to give this a negative review, because this is not a coffee review. Why would you get a flavored coffee for a comparison? ? A coffee review should be regular hot coffee. If u want to make special sub videos for the iced or the pumpkin flavor.

    2. iced lattes are a plus, their expresso/coffee concentrate is much better than any other

      also, very very unfair to do taste testing without palate cleansing

    3. Note a big fan of pumpkin spice but I did try the coffee mate coffee creamer in my coffee and liked it. I think the spice overpowered the pumpkin though.

    4. Did Dunking Donuts change the coffee, because last time I had some it tasted like, not good at all. I'm asking cause Dunking Donuts is gone where I come from, Tim Horton's has pretty much made them go bankrupt here in my neck of the woods. Sad unfortunately they made the mistake off not baking their donuts at their location and started making them at one centralized location, so every Dunking Donuts would order their donuts from that location and the restaurants only had to put the glaze or filling in them. That's when the freshness went out the window and so did the customers. If you have a Tim Horton close to you, give them a try.

    5. In general our DD's coffee is WAY stronger than Wawa's, but I always get it jet black, so when you're mixing in syrups and cream. It changes the game. Great review. BTW, what time is in this review?!

    6. anything pumpkin is always awesome… if i had to choose between them both that you just did by what you said the WAWA sound like a winner if it has a lot of pumpkin flavor that definitely the one i would want even tho we don't have those coffee place in Canada but great video thumbs up 🙂 Chathamboy12