Walmart employee accused of stealing iPad minis

Walmart employee accused of stealing iPad minis
    Rock Hill Municipal Court Judge Ray Long granted Shaska Bernetta Dye, 24, a personal recognizance bond instead of setting it at $10,000. Dye is a Wal-Mart employee with two prior convictions for stealing. She was charged by local police with breach of trust with fraudulent intent, and was released from jail to her mother. 
    Video by Andrew Dys / The Herald
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    1. Businesses lose more money from employees stealing. Banks and retail businesses especially. I have a small retail business and one of my most trusted employees who traveled with me and my family, attend church together, work together stole from me for 3 years until my accountant discovered it. Yes I pressed charges and she expressed ZERO remorse and she and her family cut their eyes at me like I did them wrong. 🙄

    2. omg he is so kind. she did it three times but he still let her free. the poor mom must be going through alot because no matter how much we dissapoint our parents they still Love us.

    3. Are u serious?!?! N everyone keeps wondering y criminals keep doing what they do cause of judges to here but yet someone that has their first offense would be paying that $1000 and getting jail time.

    4. She will never have 10k..if she lived a thousand years adjusted for inflation…she will always be a poor THIEF…Just like her father the devil…..lie ,steal and kill…that's all they are good for!

    5. I don’t think the judge should’ve lowered the bond. With it being her 3rd offense, she needed a taste of jail. That might’ve put some fear into her and show her actual consequences for her actions. I can understand her mom’s pain, but letting her go home to her warm bed is teaching her absolutely nothing!

    6. Well I be goddam where in the world is this judge at shit I couldn't even get no where near what she got on my first offense I had community service 40 hrs a fine and paid for weekend time that was it for me shit I wonder how much she was selling them for asking for my 🐕

    7. Third time loser. To do the same things 3 times you must be brain dead and a waste of flesh. A skin tag, a drain on the system. That poor mother having to deal with this scumbag.

    8. I've worked for Walmart, they know you're stealing, especially the cashiers, they just wait until the value reaches a certain amount until you can be charged with a felony.
      A good amount of people stop or quit before it becomes a felony and from what I've seen managers usually don't care if it doesn't reach felony status.