Wage War – The River (Official Music Video)

Wage War - The River (Official Music Video)
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    "The River" taken from Wage War's debut album 'Blueprints.' Get the album now in stores & online.
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    Video by Graham Fielder. 
    Produced by Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade. 
    Mixed by Andrew Wade. 
    Trust is dead, like everything else you said. Each word more meaningless than the next. Your lips and your lies have severed the ties. I don't deserve this and you don't deserve me.  
    I should've known but I doubted myself. Gave you every benefit of a doubt, I wanted no one else but I guess I wasn't enough for you.
    Don't pretend like we can recover, when you chose the lust of another.
    Where did I go wrong? I know I wasn't perfect but I certainly tried so hard. Was it a moment of weakness, or was it the thrill? Did you ache for a feeling, that you faked to feel?
    Don't pretend like we can recover, when you chose the lust of another
    I see your wandering eyes and second glances but I see through your lies no second chances
    Cut me free, you'll never be what I need. I hope you choke on the words I was lead to believe. Like a puppet on your strings, control means everything.
    And in my heart I want to forgive you. That doesn't mean I'll forget, you'll always be my regret.  
    Here's to a past I'll never need. No “here’s to you. Rest in peace."

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    1. See, this is what I like to hear. I get people get cheated on in the music industry when in a relationship and I get they need to relieve stress thru music, but sometimes the way they go about their lyrics makes it sound like BOTH people were in the wrong and the girl gets the blame. You call that a knife? This is a knife! By Capture the crown and Not the american Average by Asking Alexandria are two examples of what I'm talking about, due to the lyrical approach. All I'm saying is songs with lyrics that are a little more poetic and articular in discussing this topic is what captivates me and this song did just that. I'm not saying the other two songs I listed I didn't like, but it's to show comparisons between the songs to further prove my point

    2. I really can't square this music with how they look like a bunch of pussies. It's like their mom took them out shopping at pacsun and now they're going to cry and post on twitter if I even graze them in the pit because "crowdkilling bad/jesus good." Look at like pig destroyer or cannibal corpse, now those guys look like tough motherfuckers that play tough motherfucking music. This is somehow worse than the glam metal bullshit like black veil brides.

      "My gf broke up with me, so hardcore! blegh!" – Sam Carter

    3. I found this song a couple years ago, before I cared about song lyrics. Now where I am in life, paying attention to the lyrics really would've been foreshadowing to how I feel about my previous friends.

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    5. "I know I wasn't perfect but I certainly tried so hard!". Sad but that's the way it is with girls. You have to be perfect. And sometimes that isn't even enough.

    6. Omg….just got dumped by my fiance of three years after I should have been the one to leave him a while ago….and in trying to say goodbye, he was hateful then too. What a dick! This song is perfect! 🖤🤘