This is my review of the Tsunami rda by GeekVape. This rda has a Velocity style 2-post deck, and Kennedy style airflow. 
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    1. Bit peeved with Geekvape, advertised with a squonk pin included and not a sign, not a trace of any such pin in the box and very disappointed as this is supposed to be a great squonker and I had to buy one 🙁 Think I will stick to Vandy Vape stuff cos they were awesome sorting out my leaky Kylins with the proper bits.

    2. I agree with all the points mentioned bro. I love the airflow and the design however the space for wick material is tight. Also the O-rings are tight too and needs a hard tug(!) to pull the top off – this is a problem because to get the best flavour I have to paint the coils constantly. I wonder if the plus models of this RDA address this issue

    3. I know this vid is an oldie but I just bought this RDA and was happy to see that u had a review on it…a very in-depth review. I found this video really informative and helpful. So ty very much, Matt!! 🙂

    4. Great review. Awesome RDA for $20

      I do have to say, I have never had to paint my coils. I have been dripping out of the top since I have had it. Been about 3 weeks. Normally knowing I would have to paint the coils every time would be a deal breaker for me, so I'm glad I purchased it before I saw the video. Great review as usual however.

    5. I love the Tsunami RDA. I'm running 26/36 dual fused claptons at 5.5 wraps .23 ohms in mine and it performs like a beast on a parallel regulated mod. Flavor is fantastic and it's got plenty of vapor production. Build quality is superb for the price as I would expect from Geek Vape. IMO you simply can't go wrong with this RDA.

    6. Looks like a real beast with those posts. I guess the Tsunami happens when you overdrip coming out through those bottom airflows all over your mod. I've got one on order, so thanks for your review

    7. Matt – haven't watched a video in a minute. I was pretty good with all my devices but decided after using a friends Kennedy rda I thought I might get one for myself – too expensive; then I came across a cheaper version of it – the tsunami – and figured a review was in order. You have clearly kicked your video production game up a couple notches. Looks to me to be a new camera – video quality is way sharper. New angles etc. when you showcase the device. All in all very professional looking. Good job.

    8. Best RDA I have owned and really enjoy using it. When I first opened the box, I was blown away by the beautiful stainless sheen, very clean and smooth. Building is a breeze, and so is wicking. Geekvape Rocks!

    9. Whenever I'm going to adjust the 510 pin, the post with peek insulator moves upward which makes the 510 pin unadjustable and loosen the post. I think this is a big concern.

    10. Got mine a few day's ago and loving it. Not had any problems with wicking but now Matt has mentioned it, I'll be sure to agonize over it lol.

    11. anyone who has never vaped a bottom airflow rda will fall in love with this rda. i always worried about leaking before i bought it but i just like to paint my wick when i drip so it's no problem at all. just don't blow out. deck space is a lot smaller because of the airflow but with trial and error you'll get the wicking down. i will probably be buying more of these lmao.

    12. I think this has been the most solid, straight to the point, honest reviews I've seen in a while. Great Job! I wonder if a traditional standard cool was used, with Kanthal/nichrome etc…. Pushed over to the middle, would it have more room for wick—Also I'm still not sold on space coils, but maybe that's the spitback.

    13. Well about the the small deck space, there is the 25mm Tsunami coming out very soon so anyone who feels that they need more room I really recommend waiting for that.

      I personally am pretty excited about the 25mm and the fact that so many vendors are now releasing more 25 and 30mm rda's and tanks! It's so nice and convenient to have that extra space for your coils and wick. I like the fact that they are giving you the option of size you want instead of just releasing one size fits all device, because honestly sometimes 22mm just isn't enough! Especially on tanks, because the deck space is always so limited on RTA's and I hate being restricted to only what I can fit in it.

    14. if they were to route out the bottom of the posts like in the indestructible by jaybo that would give you the room to wick into the center and you wouldn't run into a necessity of removing the topcap and painting the coils the airflow holes are fine but them posts are huge and could be tapered down some towards the bottom and problem solved great review brother

    15. Great review as always sir. However they have put off shipments twice now and it does not look good for the near future. I hope it's worth the wait but highly doubtful at this point.

    16. Just thought you should know you were holding it below the airflow instead of the second o ring. Kind of a bad view on how tall the inside is from the posts

    17. I will not buy one of these because of the wicking restrictions to the post. I hope Geek Vape bring out a 24mm version as that issue will be gone. I would definitely get a 24/25 mm version. In the meantime, I will continue with the Kennedy 22mm and Velocity 22mm

    18. Matt I have been watching for this Dripper daily for release but big question I can't seem to find one that comes close to the troll rda I've bought a bunch of rda and I though that this one would be a better one but you just made me not want to get it considering the whole wicking thing

    19. The Velocity still hasn't been beaten IMHO. A lot of manufacturers are taking the original idea and trying to better it, which is great, but they're not succeeding just yet.

    20. Either you have been sitting on this or you are the last reviewer to get one , maybe thats were the one thumb down comes from. FYI you have old version

    21. Wicking is simple for those who wick a lot simply put both builds into the top post only and you have much more room for wick I personally build this style but I can also build normal the way most people like to use all 4 post holes. And you can drip straight down you don't have to paint. Pulse once or twice and then you're good. Geek cape knocked it out the park with this rda