Tsunami: Caught on Camera – Part 8/8

Tsunami: Caught on Camera - Part 8/8
    Christmas Day 2004, and across the Indian Ocean, tourists from around the globe are enjoying dream holidays in the sun. But none of them know that the very next day their video cameras will capture one of the most devastating natural disasters in recorded history, which will leave nearly 300,000 dead in eleven countries.
    Five years on, and told almost entirely using amateur footage, much of it never broadcast before, Tsunami: Caught on Camera is the moving true story of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami told through the eyes of those who were actually there.
    Shot by ordinary people across the Tsunami's huge impact area, the remarkable amateur footage reveals what happened when the waves, caused by a massive underwater earthquake, hit land.
    This powerful, bold and intimate film reveals what it was like to be caught up in the events of that day and tells stories of panic and heart-breaking loss, as well as courage and miraculous survival.

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    1. I lost a beloved child years ago and what this lady says in the video, "You've just got to get on with living" is true. And the hardest thing ever to do. I don't know how to stop grieving for him. But I have learned to live my life for him in a way. I know I'll see him some day in the afterlife and that is what I hang onto. Now I'm closer to seeing him again as I am old. In a strange way, the thought of death isn't as frightening anymore because of him. Do you know what I mean?

    2. God bless us one and all. I too believe I will see my only child again when I cross over to the spiritual world. 🙏🏻

    3. These videos make you appreciate your life and family. I can't imagine going through this horror and then trying to move on in life.

    4. Thank you for this video, which took me outside of myself to think of the suffering of others. I’ve never commented publicly.. truly , I’m not looking to get publicly slapped. I really hate the thought of that. However, I have to say something. I read a comment about Isabella’s parents response. I think maybe you are trying to understand their behavior, which doesn’t look normal. It was not their fault. I would encourage you to understand that we can’t judge by what we see. Isabella’s parents lost their child in a freak disaster. Her mom did everything to hold onto her child.I No human being could do that. I can’t imagine how she is able to carry on with such a loss. Amidst the devastating loss, we can’t judge anyone, not the parents or anyone’s response. I think an event of these proportions could create a tectonic shift within any one of us. Who has time for responding in a normal way when the whole world has landed on its side? I guarantee you, to catch your breath after something like this, is nothing short of a miracle. To attempt to create something beautiful instead of becoming bitter, is a holy act. The beauty of this video is that it doesn’t matter what race, creed or religion we belong to, we love our families and neighbors the same. We are one family. I’m going to say one more thing. To the people who question why a God would allow this to happen, of course I have to add my other two cents too.. I know how you feel. I say this because I have experienced this. What kind of God would allow this? There are so many awful things that happen. I don’t understand but I’ve come to realize this is about the world, not God. This is how it is in this world. This world is so stinking hard. There is nothing fair in it. We may want paradise but this is not a perfect world. I believe the question is not how could God allow this to happen but rather how is God responding in the midst of such devastation? Can you see him? As incomprehensible to think of his absence, more incomprehensible is to experience his presence. You will see his heart everywhere, his comfort in the arms of our neighbors and their care and concern. I can’t see God in the destruction but I see his eyes in the people who care.

    5. It's very difficult to simply hit the thumbs up symbol. So very many Heartfelt emotions passed through my psyche while watching this video series. All I truly wish to convey in this comment is this. . . Life must Endure! The only way we as a common people can truly Honor our Lost Loved Ones. Is to push forward and never forget all of the ways our lives were enhanced by the time we were given with them.

    6. A huge bunch of rich people and mohammedists died.  Good riddance.  Both are the ultimate enemies of the human race.  Evoltuion advances.

    7. This series of videos gives me more understanding of the power of the oceans and the unbelief that people feel when a giant sea is barreling down on you..almost like when you see something devastating and the reaction you have is to freeze.! utterly terrible but awesome to hear it from the people who experienced it..I'm deeply sorry for your loss of your loved ones…250,000 lost…RIP

    8. My heart hurts so bad for everyone who lost their children and loved ones. I wouldn't want to live anymore if something happened to mine. They are very strong for still being here. No love compares to the love for your own child. To raise them for years and then they're taken in a flash is just the worst that could happen to someone. RIP to those hundreds of thousands of people.

    9. Well….God Bless You All for your strength to tell us of your experiences. The horror will never leave you, but life begins anew. The caprices of the wave determined who lived and who died, but your strength will continue to determine who is determined to live. Thank you

    10. that is just sooo heart breaking to know that so many innocent children who didn't get to live that long died and were ripped from their mothers and fathers arms and having the only thin they were sure of (oxygen) replaced with water

    11. a tragedy is a tragedy….. way too fucking Americanized….good think this is not a video about the other thousands os unfortunate people that have experience this…it might be the budget!!

    12. Rest in Peace All…and Peace to all the living survivors…Peace, Be Still, to us all. There is not a one of us this story does not stir sadness and helplessness deep down. Now, if we could just figure out how to move ourselves, neighbors and governments to stir this same kind of 'communion' we all share now, while we are all living on this earth…and reach out to the needy wherever they be found and care for the poor and lonely among us.

    13. Hopefully now they will educate the tourist and the communities about the signs of a tsunami and maybe this will save some lives if it happens again. Definitely scary thought being in the path of such a powerful thing, not much can do except pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared to get to safety fast as you can.