Tsunami 2004 @ Chennai

Tsunami 2004 @ Chennai
    Just few minutes after the Tsunami attack at Marina, Chennai.

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    1. I still remember that fateful day when tsunami struck chennai and rest of Tamil nadu state in india. It was for the first time in our lives to witness sea crossing its shores and landing on the road which is 500 metres away. Early morning on that day, we felt mild earthquake and my father cautioning us about it while we were still in sleep. Within two hours, I heard people screaming about sea entering land.

      I went to the beach which is 1 kM from my home and saw that terrible scene of water on the roads and all vehicles thrown away. Thousands of shops in the 3 KM long marina beach were thrown away in different directions . some shoppers found their shops one KM away. such was the power of the Tsunami which chennai felt probably for the first time. Many morning walkers on the beach died.

      Tsunami was new to india and we vaguely remember reading it happening in japan. If we knew about it, probably we could have saved thousands of lives south of chennai in nagapattinam district areas as we had golden two hours to escape. India is sending so many rockets to space, but we had nothing to save our lives from this Tsunami on that fateful day. RIP to all souls departed.

      Luckily (yes) tsunami struck in the early morning when the crowd is less in the beach, had it struck in the evening, surely thousands would have perished in marina beach itself. In that way, I feel chennai escaped.

    2. I live in a coastal city here in the pacific and we were taught about tsunamis in 3rd grade. Before this tsunami happened people in the villages and towns knew nothing about Tsunamis.
      This was an eye openere for the world not just asia.

    3. I really don't understand!!! Because I was born and raised in Carson City NEVADA!!! A whole entire state away from the Pacific Ocean!!! and We children were taught to run the other way when the ocean pulled back!!!
      Much less go near the ocean at all after an Major earth quake, and I realize that these Indian people prolly did not know that an earthquake occured in the Indian ocean way on the other side of the ocean. But like I was saying we in Carson City NV, were taught that when the ocean pulled out a DEADLY TSUNAMI WAS ON THE WAY IN MINUTES!!!! SO WHY WERE THESE PEOPLE WHO LIVE ON THE OCEAN COAST **NOT** TAUGHT THIS, WHEN I WHO WAS A
      Everyone from the 2nd grade, who lives on the Ocean front should be taught this right away!!! like RIGHT NOW!!!! NOT IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS!!! AAH DUH!!!!!

    4. Gente esse povo não tem ok fazer e se água voltar mais forte os urubu também tá gostando da sujeira porque OLHA só a sujeira que tá o Rio a natureza revolta mesmo

    5. La plupart des gens ne savent pas qu'ils vivent leur dernier instant avant le cataclysme mais il sera trop tard. La punition divine est terrible.

    6. 10 yrs ku one time edavadu disaster nadaku pa. 2004 la tsunami, 2015 la chennai la vellam..ini 2024 la oru biggest disaster irk nu ninaikren 🙄🤔

    7. I thought people around coastal areas were informed about these things. They all need to be taught always about this. How sad…RIP, beautiful people…

    8. In case u think the indians are retards, this is the first time they have experienced a TSUNAMI and they were not connected to the internet until like 2018 with t cancer.

      I still feel bad for them, they didnt know what tsunami was though they heard the word. At least they didnt get a wave as strong as thailand. As a singaporean i feel very lucky that indonesia has protected us from most natural disasters.