Tropical Storm Lidia – 1st September 2017

Tropical Storm Lidia - 1st September 2017
    Statistics are saying the Tropical Storm Lidia was the one that brought the most rain in Baja California Sur since the beginning of records.
    Well without doubt over the 48 hours when Lidia was above our heads buckets of water were pouring down from the sky non-stop!
    And Tropical Storm Lidia caused a lot of damage, the Riu Hotel shown in the video was 3-4 feet underwater, meaning the first floor was completely flooded. The Chevrolet car dealer has also disappeared under a mountain of mud and sand...
    Sometimes I wonder if it was necessary to build in what is a natural dried out river bed...
    Nevertheless the damage to the infrastructure as a whole was far less than the one caused by Hurricane Odile (September 15th - 2014): within 3-4 days roads where clean, power was on again! 
    At least this is the situation in Cabo down town where the tourist Cabos back yard where the poorer people live the situation looks quite different...Apparently there was a great loss of lives on top of the material loss of houses and properties mostly due to the fact that again people are building in dangerous places such as river beds: hundreds of cars have been washed down the river towards the Ocean, not only cars but tons of trash as well... 
    Unfortunately this areas are not regulated, corrupted politicians will tollerate it in exchange of various favors (a vote for example or even monetary) and will deny all responsibility...Authorities will go as far as not admitting any loss of life to cover up their dirty deals.
    I know this does not fit into the picture of Cabo, always displayed as a paradise where everything is perfect...well it's not, there is huge problems that this incredible high speed development is bringing to the area. The local infrastructure is insufficient and is not keeping up with the speed of the construction of more and more luxury hotels.
    In Cabo there should be enough money so that everybody that comes to live here can live in a safe, clean environment with a nice roof on their heads, in a few words a life with dignity. So why is this not happening? I guess the answer lies in the distribution of wealth generated by the tourism usual: a few get rich and the rest will suffer. A new balance is urgently needed. Corruption needs to end. 
    Easier said than done...
    Not even talking about all the trash that reached the Ocean...our beloved Ocean! What can we do? 
    The answer lays in Education: the only way to go, education education and more education! 
    More schools, raising awareness about all the bad habits that brought our planet on the brink of another mass extinction! 
    Global warming is real, some still do not believe in it, but every reasonable person that trusts in science cannot deny what is actually happening. Storms are becoming bigger and stronger...Hurricane Irma is almost to be categorized as a Hurricane 6, out of scale! Insane!
    Pray your God but trust in science, otherwise prying alone will be vain.
    The feeling that the time is running out is becoming stronger storm after storm.
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