Tournament Vlog 1 – Prestbury Golf Golf Club

Tournament Vlog 1 - Prestbury Golf Golf Club
    ►The 2017 golf season is now underway. See how Andy got on in his 1st golf event of the season.
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    1. Andy, I appreciate you took the time to record this vlog while feeling gutted! Buy maybe you're just a tiny bit to hard on yourself. Just learn from this experience and go on. You're doing a great job and I know better times will come.

    2. when I looked into Europe tour Andy (I wanna be on it by 38 I'm 36 now lol) you shouldn't have to q school your already a pro golfer unless they changed it don't recall finch q schooling 🙂 keep plugging away though fella 🙂

    3. Seen some great tips and comments down here, so here's another one. stopp picking up putts as gimmies. Every picked up putt is a putt yuo did not train yourself to make. On a full round, that is 18 hole-out opportunities you did not take.
      (and you don't save time with the gimmies. you spend more time arguing if it is gimmie than just putting it into the hole)
      Train yourself to hole out!

    4. There is a knack to scoring and thats the difference at tour level…they end up level par where u ended up +5…82% g.i.r isnt bad so u should have done better 👍
      i played today from nowhere i took 7 on the 17th……dunno why people play golf its shit really and my wife thinks I'm out having fun (obviously she doesnt think 7 on a par 4 ruins my day)….think I'm going to start playing snooker instead… or we put it down as 1 of those things and get back on the course asap 👍

    5. Carter, good start to the season! 1st comp in a while, so a little rust is normal. Any changes since your last WITB? Are you contemplating any equipment changes? Good luck in your next comp!

    6. Post round suggestion for you Andy…Soon as you finish round find 1. Your shot of the day 2. Your next best 10 shots 3. Your best drive, best iron shot, best chip, best putt and best save…Then and only after, analyze your day as a whole. The biggest difference between good golfers and great ones is that the great ones remember their great shots…Great to see you competing!!

    7. Good honest appraisal of your round Andy; kudos for you for calling it as it was.
      At least you know what to work on both shot-wise and mentally PLUS it's early in the season so don't worry overly much.
      Playing any comps north of Hadrian's Wall or will they all be south of it?

    8. That is what separates the good players from the best players, the best is missing in places where they can make a up and down eight of ten times

    9. Hi Andrew,
      that was a really interesting video! Highly enjoyed your explanations through the holes and what you did well or bad. Happy to see more from this kind of tournament vlogs.
      Good Luck next time though.
      cheers mate