Top 10 moments in Brewers history

Top 10 moments in Brewers history
    These are my top moments in history. Tell me your list down below :)
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    1. This Cards fan just wanted to stop in and say good series. We've had the brewers number for years but this year you guys have gotten us more times than we have you. Just came to tip the cap as they say. Best of luck going forward.

    2. I know that this video was made before these events, but I would include Game 163 vs the cubs, the Moose walk-off in the 2018 NLDS, and the Brandon Woodruff HR off of Clayton Kershaw in game one of the 2018 NLCS.

    3. Man that was a fun season watching Sabathia pitch and Nyjer Morgan’s walk off. I’m 28 years old and that was the first time in my life the Brewers made a deep postseason run. I was watching that walk off in my college dorm in CT celebrating with my roommate who was a Yankees fan

    4. MY TOP TEN

      10. Braun's HR in 2008/Final Out for WC
      9. Nieves No Hitter – 1987
      8. Braun's Walk Off GS – 2008
      7. Final Game against Baltimore – 1982
      6. Easter Sunday 1987
      5. Marshall Edwards ALCS Catch – 1982
      4. T-Plush NLDS Walk Off hit – 2011
      3. 3,000 for Robin – 1992
      2. Cooper's 7th Inning Hit 1982 ALCS
      1. Final Out in 1982 ALCS

    5. Now you can add 2018 season which was excellent as well with a one game win against the Cubs to win the division, then against the Rockies which had them win 12 in a row AGAIN.

    6. why isn't the '81 game where the Brewers beat the Tigers to get into the playoffs included???????!!!!!!!….Rollie got the win or the save in that game what a game it was

    7. Only 27 World Series Championships and 39 League Pennants to go to catch up to the New York Yankees, the primary rival of the Milwaukee Brewers. Yankees 27 – Brewers 0. Giants 8 – Packers 13. Knicks 2 – Bucks 1. New York 37 – Wisconsin 14.

    8. Mousakas, Braun , Yelich & HOFer Robin Yount all played high school baseball within a 20 mile radius from each other in the San Fernando valley region of Los Angeles , CA…

    9. I literally had to stop watching if that's a top 10 moment the very first video are you kidding me. Jesus you must be pretty young.

    10. Check out the middle of the screen @ 11:51. Is that Pete Ladd's brother next to him, or a guy who just happened to run out of the stands who looks exactly like him? Hilarious!

    11. Pretty solid list. My main addition would be the do or die season finale at Baltimore in 1982. Benjie's catch, Sutton's start, and Yount's 2 HRs.

    12. Great list and thank you for putting together. This is why YouTube is amazing. The only change I would make – I think Easter Sunday is the top moment from the 1987 season. I'd put it ahead of the no-hitter in Baltimore, and Molitor's streak (even though that is historically a great feat). Not sure what other Brewers fans think, but Uecker's calls for the Deer and Sveum home runs have always been my favorite Uecker calls.

    13. I agreed with most on the list.  I would add 1981 Tigers/Brewers where Rollie had Ted Simmons jump on him to claim the 2nd half title and play the Yankees in the playoffs.

    14. I was at the Mother and Fathers Day games this year. 2 completely different hypes. Mothers day was the comeback. Fathers day was the Jimmy CG. Such hype games to be at. Great list. These always give me chills ?