Tim Allen – Precious Snowflake [Politically Correct America]


    These two video clips are from Tim Allen's TV series "Last Man Standing." Season 6, episode 9 titled "Precious Snowflake."
    What is great about this episode is it tackles the issue of America becoming too politically correct. Where people are feeling censored by using Freedom of Speech, in fear that they might hurt someone's feelings or make someone feel excluded. Stuff like micro-aggressions.
    Siding with Tim Allen, it would seem that these Social Justice Warriors are bent on censoring words and thoughts. The thought police being mentioned in the second clip.
    What are your thoughts? Do you feel like America is becoming too politically correct? That college students need comfort / safe spaces in fear that their feelings might get hurt.

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    1. Everyone gets a trophy!
      Everyone is a winner, we cant speak our mind,it may hurt someone's feelings, we should never response to South Korea threats just back down
      Yelling and screaming wont make your point anymore correct ir valid,
      There are no safe places ( think about it)
      No one owes you anything,

    2. pc culture is literally just don’t say slurs, don’t be an asshole to people that don’t deserve it and give a shit about how people feel for once in your life

    3. love this clip. ive seen clips of this show before but for some reason i didnt htink it was funny but now its hilarious. yup definitely watching this show

    4. Didn't see this episode so don't know why her passing the course depends on her father abandoning his principles even for just 15 minutes. Another empty headed liberal child half assing her way through school!

    5. Honestly, sitcoms are trash and this show is average.

      Anybody claiming this show is anything but average has a political boner that they are not hiding well. Lol

    6. I went back to college in my forties and it's really like this. I was asked my "sis-gender." Literally asking me if I'm a boy, girl or one of many other options the PC crowd insists exist, each with its own title. I replied; "Get the fuck outta town – are you serious? I'm male, what does it look like." Its totally ludicrous.

    7. Love this show! From a European view this gives me hope for the US. I'm of course thinking of the characters played by Allen and Dever. Don't all go snowflake – we need reason as well.

    8. "it hurts the feelings of those who work hard and dont succeed" sooo it hurts the feelings of those who dont pay attention in school and thus get shitty jobs? who the fuck cares about those ppl? if u refuse to pay attention in school and get shit grades and in turn a crappy job then its ur own damn fault.

    9. Political Correctness is where Common Sense goes to die. This show made us laugh but the fact it was serious about what was taking place in the mad mad world . The Snow Flake craze is as bad as a fatal disease . Thank God Trump won and signed the Freedom Of Speech Bill. Never allow this erosion of rights have be attacked again.

    10. Of all the things that needs fixed in this country Dems indoctrinating our kids to be a bunch of wussys does nothing but destroy America and free speech