Tim Allen & Nancy Travis Talk 'Last Man Standing'

Tim Allen &
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    Joslyn Davis sat down with Tim Allen and Nancy Travis, who star in ABC's 'Last Man Standing'. They talk about their chemistry on set and what it's like working with other actors as a TV family.

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    1. I would like a closer look at colour samples for the Blue & Yellow paint on the set, trying to duplicate in our Kitchen & two hallways & stairwell, love the show & will miss new shows!

    2. Id like to say a few words about Nancy Travis but the comments below have them covered And she even makes my tongue hard so it’s tough to speak anyway

    3. So where are they now? Oh! On another network. And the AA racist woman executive that pulled the plug on the show at ABC ( Always Bad Choices)? She’s still looking for work

    4. Well I would think that many homes in this country talk about politics….. I mean actually my household through my whole life so we shouldn't be penalized for you don't have any independent and talkin about it because that's the other side of it what is the people get

    5. See Roseanne wasn't supposed to speak on politics and then she did that thing in the middle in the night and blamed it on Ambien. I think Within Tim's household he should be able to talk about politics why can't we talk about it so he got kicked off whatever he was before but thank God Fox picked it up cuz at anyting Hosea house is Democrat… all the women in the house for Democrats

    6. Nancy is so beautiful and has such amazing, boundless charm. That winsome smile alone just floors me all the time. She also reminds me somewhat of Bonnie Raitt.

      Tim is probably my favourite man on Tv of all time.

    7. Glad to hear Last Man Standing is coming back. If you don't like Tim Allen, don't watch the show. No one is forcing you. It is that simple. For me, he is funny and the writing on the show is funny. He is a conservative and I am a liberal, but the show makes me laugh and isn't that the reason why you watch a "sitcom"? I hope they can get the same actors and the same writing staff, otherwise it will be a waste. It seems like the TV networks are getting rid of the shows that give them the most profit, strange way to do business.

    8. Channel 7 is just trying to get us to watch those gay or transgender shows they always push the envelope maybe we all should boycott and they would get the message