This Is How An MRI Of A Pug Looks And People Find It Terrifying

Everyone loves dogs, that’s a universal rule. Even cat people have a soft spot for a cute puppy picture. And if someone says they don’t like dogs then let’s just assume they are lying. And what’s not to like about dogs? They come in all shapes and sizes, from miniature to giant, from fluffy to slim and athletic. Some people regard the small four-legged friends as some of the cutest companions in the world and pugs are no exception. For most of the people pugs are the ultimate cute dog, with two big eyes, button nose and a dorky expression or their little faces. However, Andy Richter recently posted an MRI scan picture of one such pooch on Twitter and everyone got to see a completely different side of this dog breed.

Pugs are regarded as one of the most adorable pets out there

Image credits: existentist

Andy shared a vet’s photo he got from a friend who owns a lovely pug. Despite the terrifying-looking imagery of the MRI scan, the owner of the dog reported that it is 100% fine and healthy. Hooray!

However, one Twitter user might’ve ruined that reputation forever as he shared an MRI scan of a pug

Image credits: AndyRichter

Image credits: AndyRichter

Image credits: AndyRichter

Image credits: AndyRichter

Even though many people find pugs cute and their features desirable in a pet, there’s been a growing concern for the breed’s health issues caused by breeding. One Tumblr user put together an extensive post explaining why we should stop breeding pugs.

Image credits: DodosD

Throughout history, the pugs have been bred to have the facial and body features we are familiar with today. However, the breed didn’t start there. Back in the day pugs had longer snouts and lacked other deformities resulting from years of selective breeding. Some contemporary breeders, who found the pugs’ temperament suiting but the plethora of health issues alarming, decided to breed out the deformities and go back to a fresh healthy start. That’s how “retro pugs” or “retro mops” were created, a much healthier and happier alternative to pugs that allows the pooches have a better life. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should dislike the existing pugs. We should just stop admiring them for qualities that make their little lives much harder.

Image credits: Chris Dodds

Here’s how people responded to the MRI picture

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