These ‘Work From Home’ Jammies Designed By A Japanese Company Are Perfect For Your Zoom Calls

Now that conditions are perfect for this, people often joke that whenever you’re in a Zoom meeting sporting a shirt and tie and being all professional and stuff—that is actually all you’re wearing. Out of frame, you’re in your underwear living the life of work from home.

The pandemic has proven this to be true too many times, begging the question: how can you actually stay professional whilst letting yourself enjoy the perks of being at home, like crashing on the couch in your pajamas with your laptop on top of your lap?

Enter Whatever Inc. and their Work From Home Jammies.

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The lockdown proved that people often wear just a shirt in their Zoom meetings, thus inspiring this bit of attire

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

Work From Home Jammies (a.k.a. WFH Jammies) are a combination of pajamas (some might venture to call them a sweatpants and pullover combo) and a formal shirt. Now, before you go ahead and say “oh, what’s the big deal? I wear sweatpants and shirts all the time,” this smart mix of attire has a bit of an altered formula.

Instead of a full shirt and full sweatpants, Whatever Inc. came out with a solution that would maximize the comfort of pajamas without any compromise to how professional you look on everybody’s computer screen during a Zoom meeting. The shirt part is minimized to about half the pullover—just enough to make it look like you’re wearing a proper shirt on camera. The rest of the outfit, however, is all comfort clothes.

Whatever Inc. came out with an idea to mash up a formal shirt with comfy jammies to be worn in telemeetings

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

They are designed to look professional in the computer screen without imposing a corporate stranglehold

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

The “joke becoming reality” bit mentioned in the start of the article is actually the inspiration behind this design. As explained on the creator’s Kickstarter page, there was an internal video conference call at the KUPL radio station with everyone working from home. Once the conference was over, one of the members really had to go to the toilet, and in the moment of urgency, he stood up and ended up exposing himself to his colleagues.

And who can blame him? He wanted to be comfortable all the while remaining professional, but whatever was comfortable was not really all that suitable for the camera.

The shirt extends roughly halfway where it abruptly turns into a sweatshirt, supplemented with some sweatpants

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

Designed in collaboration with Akihiko Kimura, the jammies come in 3 color sets

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

And thus the Work From Home Jammies were born. The outfit was designed by Whatever Inc., a creative agency based in Tokyo, Japan, with the help of Akihiko Kimura, the designer behind the fashion brand LOKITHO.

The jammies come in 3 color variations: white shirt + gray jersey, pink shirt + black jersey, and blue stripe shirt + dark gray jersey. There are only 2 sizes available, however, which are M and L, but they are unisex, so your significant other can wear them if you’re having a day off or simply get bored of the outfit.

A Kickstarter campaign was also launched to see how viable the idea is, promising to ship as early as June

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

Among the crowdfunding perks, there’s one where people can send in their own shirts to be jammy-fied

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

The company has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that has already met and exceeded its modest goal of $1,865 (€1,723). Funding rewards include a thank-you email and work from home style backgrounds for Zoom, as well as the actual clothing, either separately or as a full set for higher-tier donations. They have even included an option to send in your own shirt so that they can produce a custom jammy combo.

The full outfit comes around to $112 or 103€, so if you want to grab a pair of comfy, Zoom-friendly jammies, the campaign will still be around for another 10 days, until May 21, 2020.

Before you do that though, let us know what you thought of this! Would you wear this? Let us know in the comments section below!

At the moment, there are only two sizes—M and L—and the clothes are unisex, so sharing with SOs are an option

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

A full set can be acquired by supporting the company’s Kickstarter campaign with ¥12,000 ($112 / €103)

Image credits: Whatever Inc.

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