There’s A Twitter Account That Posts Cow Pics Every Day Just To Make People Smile (97 Pics)

You know what they say about cows—they’re outstanding in their field! Now that we’ve got the compulsory dad joke out of the way, let’s talk about cows. Specifically, how mootastic the Cow of the Day Twitter page is for posting exactly what it says on the tin.

Scroll down, upvote your fave moo-moos, enjoy Bored Panda’s interview with the moderator of the Cow of the Day page, and remember to share this list with any bovine enthusiasts in your life. Let us know in the comments which cow you liked the best and why.

And if you still need some cow goodness, have a look at our previous posts about what scientists found out after painting cows with zebra stripes, and our list of adorable cow photos.

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#1 4th December 2019

Image credits: mountainwoodsfarm

#2 26th February 2020 Anna (From Brazil)

Image credits: ClaraMarialva

#3 10th January 2020

Image credits: newlifefarm_tashalafawn

The Cow of the Day page has over 98k followers on Twitter who eagerly await their daily dose of cattle cuteness.

Though posting a cow a day sounds like a walk in the park for many of us, frankly, it’s quite a challenge. I mean, at one point or another, you’re going to start running out of beautiful moo-moos, right? But that’s the moment when you have to reach deep inside yourself and find the willpower to bullrush past your slump!

If you think that cows are plain boring, think again. Their biology is pretty weird once you get to know them a little. It’s not a bad idea to learn about them—after all, there are over 1 billion cattle living alongside us on Planet Earth (around a third of them in India alone).

#4 13th February 2020

Image credits: dandelionridgefarm

#5 1st March 2020 Little Guy

Image credits: Logan_Parrett

#6 23rd January 2020

Image credits: frydendal_farms

For instance, I was shocked to find out that cattle are red/green color blind! In other words, these two colors are represented by shades of gray or black. That means that when you see a bull charging at a matador, it’s not the red cape that aggravates it; it’s the movement of the cloth.

Cattle also see fewer shades of blue and yellow than we do. What’s more, they’re really bad at perceiving depth. Which means they have some real difficulty understanding how far away they are from an object. That leads to moving shadows spooking them: keep that in mind when walking or working around cows as they might run into you, the fence, or a tree. Their biology might be peculiar and make cows clumsy but they are still wonderfully adorable!

#7 7th February 2020

Image credits: grazingacresranch

#8 13th December 2019

Image credits: valentinabrav21

#9 16th February 2020

Image credits: hellofreemanfarm

According to the moderator of the Cow of the Day page, the account is a year old this month. “It started when I looked at what gained most attraction on Twitter and that was cute animals. Then Rabbit of the Day was created where we did a poll tweet and asked the people what they wanted and they wanted a Cow of The Day!”

“From then on our accounts grew more interest so we created Hamster of the Day, Goat of the Day, and Frog of the Day.”

The moderator said that it’s a very difficult process to choose the cow of the day. “We get over 40 direct messages a day with people sending in their pet cows, cows they’ve seen on their travels, or a cow they’ve seen online and want to share with us but it’s not a decision we take lightly! We like to mix it up so someday you’ll see fluffy cows and others you’ll see a breed of cows you never knew existed!”

According to the Cow of the Day mod, cows can be just as friendly and part of the family as a dog or a cat. “We’re almost at 100k followers and will be posting a bonus cow to celebrate when we reach it!” the moderator told us. So stay tuned for that bonus cow, dear Pandas!

#10 5th January 2020 Hugo

Image credits: zoejasminex

#11 24th February 2020 Teenie And Queenie

Image credits: tessamicca

#12 4th January 2020

Image credits: kerifelumlee

#13 2nd March 2020 Rosie

Image credits: machuca_deisy

#14 28th January 2020

Image credits: bloomingorchardsfarm

#15 19th January 2020

Image credits: rolling7_mini_highlands

#16 21st December 2019

Image credits: sarah.k.hagan

#17 25th February 2020 Rebecca

Image credits: rescuedsanctuary

#18 6th January 2020 Debbie (Momma To Be In April)

Image credits: Ducket_4

#19 28th February 2020 Katie And Fred

Image credits: juliaodorissi

#20 23rd February 2020 This Cutie Is From Calcutta,india

Image credits: brianfbenton

#21 2nd December 2019

Image credits: destene_albers

#22 21st February 2020 Wilbur

Image credits: applecore92

#23 11th February 2020

Image credits: kincaidthehighlandcow

#24 11th January 2020

Image credits: victoriawhite97

#25 20th February 2020

Image credits: adelinevans

#26 14th February 2020 Doddlebug (An Orphan Calf Who Is Now Loved Very Much)

Image credits: 20wkorus

#27 3rd January 2020 Pecan

Image credits: Keegomk

#28 1st February 2020

Image credits: danaefarmgirl

#29 30th January 2020 Baby

Image credits: beyondtbb

#30 25th December 2019

Image credits: Holly_Williamss

#31 23rd December 2019 Shyloah

Image credits: averylloyd44

#32 5th December 2019 Colby

Image credits: alexandraaajb

#33 19th February 2020 Dudley

Image credits: KatriceMaarie

#34 10th February 2020 Baby (Proving You Be A V Popular Cute Cow Name)

Image credits: hfitzie_

#35 5th February 2020 Baby

Image credits: paigeintheskyy

#36 4th February 2020 Lets Show Some Love For Loki Who Is Blind

Image credits: ae_r_m

#37 15th January 2020 Clementine (Boop)

Image credits: GillamDominique

#38 13th January 2020 Hugh Heifer (A Real Playboy)

Image credits: SamiKerry13

#39 30th December 2019 Charlie And Blondie

Image credits: mattiebrennan99

#40 29th December 2019

Image credits: itsgomezsg

#41 28th December 2019

Image credits: harleyrenee19

#42 26th December 2019

Image credits: howdoyouIove

#43 24th December 2019

Image credits: presleyculture

#44 15th December 2019

Image credits: ssataplia

#45 3rd December 2019 Kazza

Image credits: kaseycavell

#46 24th November 2019

Image credits: howardkaelee

#47 3rd March 2020 Cream Puff ( Just 6 Days Old)

Image credits: maddieclement98

#48 29th February 2020 Daisy The Jersey Cow

Image credits: fionathefail

#49 17th February 2020

Image credits: rayray_05

#50 15th February 2020

Image credits: CowoftheDay1

#51 9th February 2020

Image credits: thechickenranch_

#52 8th February 2020

Image credits: MazieRichards10

#53 2nd February 2020 Jason

Image credits: CowoftheDay1

#54 31st January 2020 Angelina

Image credits: jake_melton1

#55 29th January 2020

Image credits: j_n_small

#56 27th January 2020 Melvin

Image credits: KayAnneZoch

#57 24th January 2020 Bud The Bull

Image credits: BrennaGrace17

#58 12th January 2020

Image credits: TaylorHopkins03

#59 2nd January 2020

Image credits: CowoftheDay1

#60 1st January 2020

Image credits: happilyeverafterfarm

#61 27th December 2019

Image credits: valargumaniz

#62 22nd December 2019 Darla

Image credits: ambercurington

#63 19th December 2019

Image credits: Stapleton24

#64 14th December 2019

Image credits: aaliyah_darling

#65 8th December 2019

Image credits: alyciamckay

#66 6th December 2019 Meadows

Image credits: alrightallie

#67 29th November 2019 Sunflower

Image credits: itsmarinasantos

#68 27th February 2020 Whiskers

Image credits: AnetteHanratty

#69 18th February 2020 Marybell

Image credits: kendal_lee6

#70 12th February 2020 One ‘Boop’ Is Never Enough

Image credits: emily_hempseed

#71 3rd February 2020 Milkdud

Image credits: riches_courtney

#72 26th January 2020 Thorston

Image credits: caitlinmacdeee

#73 22nd January 2020 Gypsy

Image credits: GarrettGuthrie3

#74 21st January 2020

Image credits: alhwordandimage

#75 20th January 2020 Berniece And Bessy

Image credits: harleyrenee19

#76 18th January 2020 June

Image credits: norawhite1998

#77 17th January 2020 Leonardo

Image credits: uvm.cream

#78 9th January 2020 Baby

Image credits: Norris1Peyton

#79 7th January 2020 Waylon

Image credits: lexieduvalle

#80 31st December 2019 Tressie

Image credits: ProducerRondaK

#81 18th December 2019 In Memory Of Buttercup

Image credits: cpricee6

#82 17th December 2019

Image credits: caseyc4t

#83 16th December 2019

Image credits: LassMike

#84 11th December 2019

Image credits: theedora

#85 9th December 2019

Image credits: oliiviiabennett

#86 30th November 2019

Image credits: annieecannon

#87 28th November 2019

Image credits: tunnicliffea

#88 26th November 2019

Image credits: jkhoury37

#89 26th November 2019

Image credits: mckennageds

#90 25th November 2019

Image credits: Mickeyreedijk

#91 22nd February 2020

Image credits: morellslantbruk

#92 6th February 2020 Colin

Image credits: gen_xg

#93 25th January 2020

Image credits: LisadeFreese

#94 16th January 2020 Fleetwood

Image credits: lixiwheeler

#95 14th January 2020 Honey

Image credits: CowoftheDay1

#96 20th December 2019

Image credits: lolomains_11

#97 10th December 2019 Bentley

Image credits: maddy_dancer17

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