There’s A Facebook Group Dedicated To Pics Of Disapproving Corgis And Here Are 75 Of The Best Ones

Dirk Bogarde loved them. So does Stephen King. Heck, Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 of them. Since the early days of their lineage all the way back in the 12th century, Corgis have been conquering hearts with their foxy heads and fluffy butts. But they’re so much more than that. These doggos compete in dog agility trials, obedience, showmanship, flyball, tracking, and herding events. They know their worth. And, as with most self-confident individuals, they aren’t afraid to show their disapproval, too.

In 2013, a Facebook group called Disapproving Corgis was created to celebrate just that. Over time, it has amassed over 600K members, posting their favorite pictures of these royal pups, condemning everything from insulting mugs to rainy days. The popularity of the group even gave birth to a few spin-offs like Approving Corgis, but nothing beats the original which remains one of the best Corgi depositories on the Internet.

#1 Pluto Is Disapproved Of Being Carried But Liberty Is Loving It. 50% Corgi Approval Rating

Image credits: Alice L Chu

#2 Gus Disapproves Of The Mug Making Fun Of Him

Image credits: Caitlin Ross

#3 Strong Disapproval From Roadside Loaf

Image credits: Jessica King

#4 I Stopped Petting Him For .004 Seconds And Got This Serious Side Eye

Image credits: Lizzy Boudah

#5 My Boy Cooper Has Been Giving Me The Disapproving Side Eye Since He Was A Pup

Image credits: Blake Mullenix

#6 Severus Really Disapproving Of This Rainy Day In Massachusetts

Image credits: Giulia Siravegna

#7 Needless To Say, The Little Foxx Highly Disapproves Of A Nail Trim

Image credits: Jim Cox

#8 She Wasn’t Really Thrilled When She Found Out She Was Going To Be A Big Sister

Image credits: Deisy E Rodriguez

#9 Princess Penelope Disapproves Of The Severe Lack Of Toy Options She’s Been Given. “What Do You Think I Am, A Peasant?!”

Image credits: Mary Beth

#10 I’ve Decided To Put My Shoes In A Closet Because This Face Screams, “Imma Poop In Your Expensive Shoes And I’m Gonna Laugh”

Image credits: Janet Fennel

#11 Sheldon Disapproves Of Going On A Walk Today And Pretty Much Any Other Day Too

Image credits: Amy Schaar

#12 Zeta Disapproves Of Balancing Smol Berries On Her Head

Image credits: Carolyn Nguyen

#13 Somebody Isn’t Happy That He Had To Have A Bath

Image credits: Jess Ross

#14 Hello Everyone! This Is Severus, With A Very Disapproving Look That First Time We Took Him To The Vet

Image credits: Giulia Siravegna

#15 It Was Suggested To Me That I Post This Photo In This Group. I’m Not Sure What Furgie Was Disapproving Of But She Sure Has Been Being Sassy!

Image credits: Kay Lynn Swisher

#16 Face I Come Home To Everyday

Image credits: Jake Hall

#17 Lunchbox At The Museum Of Modern Art In New York City. He Judges The Onlookers

Image credits: Shandra Flowers McDowell

#18 Someone Recommended I Post This Pic Of Our Cody On This Page. I Think He’s Disapproving Of The Ghost Behind Me

Image credits: Joe Fernandes

#19 I Guess Norman Disapproves Of Too Long Of A Walk

Image credits: Brianna Reeves

#20 Lord Muffins Always Disapproving

Image credits: Macy Andrd

#21 Frida: “What Do You Mean I Cant Climb On The Bed” “I’m A Good Girl!” Dad: Say No More, The Bed Is Yours

Image credits: Alex Casiano

#22 Soxy Disapproves Of The Blowing Snow! (She Was Out To Potty With Me For 5 Mins And I Brought Her In And Towel Dried Her)

Image credits: Lisa Rice

#23 Bean Disapproves Of Her Sister Calling Her “Chubby”. “I’m Fluffy”

Image credits: Grace Lo

#24 Violet Sincerely Disapproves Of Brother Vinny’s Very Existence This Morning

Image credits: Erika Marie

#25 Louise Is Pretending To Hate Affection So People Find Her More Interesting

Image credits: Sarah Maskara

#26 Bathtime Sadness

Image credits: Teresa Tong Han

#27 “What Is Dis?! Food For Ants??” Skipper Disapproves Of Specially Made Small Crepe

Image credits: Ana Michelle Sanchez

#28 Pawdrey Hepburn Does Not Approve Of Being In The Laundry Basket

Image credits: MacKenna McDonald

#29 Jake Disapproves Long Car Rides Back Home After Visiting Family

Image credits: Aricka Potts

#30 The Wombat Is Not Millie Approved

Image credits: Adrienne Higgins Hawkins

#31 Zoey Disapproves Of Her Mom Getting Deployed

Image credits: John Ecker

#32 Biscuit’s 6th Sense Is Knowing Bath Time Is Here

Image credits: Kristopher Meyers

#33 Edi Disapproves That Bowie Didn’t Finish His Chewy Before She Did

Image credits: Bianca Aspenson

#34 Kona Disapproves So Much She Had To Whip Out The Killer Stink Eye

Image credits: Chris Price

#35 Holly Disapproving Of Being Transported Together With The Fartbag!

Image credits: Xantus Johann

#36 “Let’s Go To The Park They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said.”

Image credits: Robyn Maynor

#37 “Lucy, If You Want To Tour The Caverns With Us You Have To Ride In A Stroller….” “Mom, I Srsly No Amuseded!!!

Image credits: Kym Cox

#38 Throwback To Last Summer When Papu Was Crowned May Queen And Greatly Disapproved

Image credits: Siiri Sainio

#39 Lazy Corgi

Image credits: Thuzar Hla

#40 Can I Come In Now Mom?

Image credits: Paula Snow Bixler

#41 Mabel Disapproves Of Her Sis Having The Zoomies

Image credits: Cole Brantmeier

#42 Disapproving Corgis

Image credits: Ian Crinean

#43 The Gate To Our Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth! My Babies Disapprove Of Me Snapping A Photo Instead Of Coming In And Giving Them Pets And Belly Rubs

Image credits: Kathy Goans

#44 This Is Wilbur. Wilbur Got A Bath. Wilbur Went Outside And Dug Up The Fresh Mulch And Rolled Himself Into The Hole. Wilbur’s Mommy Was Quite Disapproving

Image credits: Susan Clark Danforth

#45 Scout Disapproves Of Being Woken Up From Nap Time

Image credits: Clorissa Douglas

#46 Oliver Disapproving Of Being Smashed By His Mommy

Image credits: Paolla Delai

#47 Big Mac Disapproving That I Did Not Go Outside With Him

Image credits: Mike Coons

#48 Having A Little Brother Is Great, They Said

Image credits: Mai Shoua Moua

#49 Hannah Disapproves When The Other Dogs Want To Clean Her Baby Goat. She Is The Best Foster Momma On The Farm

Image credits: Juliana Evans

#50 How Dare I Disrupt Her Sleep To Go To Work

Image credits: Justina Kramer

#51 Merlin Is Disapproving Of His Human Brother Not Sharing His Donut With Him

Image credits: Eryn Rask

#52 Meatloaf Disapproves Being Stucc In The Snow

Image credits: Elaine Kuckertz‎

#53 Taliyah Approves Of Running Through Muddy Puddles Disapproves Of Bath Time Afterwards To Wash All The Mud Off…

Image credits: Daniel Entwisle

#54 Baby Ivy Disapproves Of Play Time Ending

Image credits: Lorna Schaefer

#55 Kali Disapproves Of The Soccer Ball Taking Her Seat

Image credits: Taylor Yeater‎

#56 “Don’t You Put Me In This Bathtub Mahm!!” A Major Disapprove

Image credits: Brianna Spencer‎

#57 Bella Disapproves Of 5 Am Wake-UPS…

Image credits: ‎Becky Bartlett-Sommers‎

#58 Is That… Is That A Bag Of Chips That I Hear???

Image credits: ‎Pitsy Meneses‎

#59 Theo Disapproving Of Getting Caught

Image credits: ‎Riya Patel‎

#60 Jack Disapproves Being A Back Seat Puppy Passenger….

Image credits: Randy Miller‎

#61 Hamilton Is Still Mad About Something I Did 4 Years Ago. Disapproving Corgi!

Image credits: ‎Leslie Dickerson‎

#62 Diego Clearly Disapproves Of Daddy Not Stopping At The Dog Park When We Drove By The Other Day

Image credits: Carlos J Bauti‎

#63 I’ve Never Felt More Judged

Image credits:

#64 When It’s 2am, You Have To Wake Up At 6 And No One In The House Is Sleeping

Image credits: ‎Sergei Pavlov‎

#65 When You Say No Food On The Bed… Lol

Image credits: ‎Kieu Nguyen‎

#66 Pamela Wants To Walk But Daddy Keeps Laughing At Her Fat Bootie

Image credits: ‎Reid Magnetti‎

#67 Lmao, Cherry Did An 80 Styles Party!!!

Image credits: Kelly Truong‎

#68 This Disapproval Brought To You By The Fact That Mango Dropped The Ball At My Feet And I Did Not Throw It. Despite The Fact That I Did Throw It The 15,000 Times Before This One

Image credits: ‎Amanda Draper‎

#69 “Dilly Is In Our Bed.”

Image credits: ‎Melissa Grace‎

#70 Fiona And Lip Are Settling In Very Nicely I Think Fiona Is Tired Of Pics Already

Image credits: ‎Monica Cordova‎

#71 Tyrion Disapproves Of Having Morning Smotherings From Mumma

Image credits: ‎Annie Thompson-Almeida‎

#72 Annie Highly Disapproves Of Early Morning Photo Shoot!!!

Image credits: Darlene Farmer‎

#73 From When Sadie Was A Pup, Very Much Disapproving Being Carried In The Bag Lol

Image credits: ‎Rob Desmarais‎

#74 Archie Disapproves Of Snow

Image credits: David M. Goodson‎

#75 Ryu Obviously Disapproves Of Pictures

Image credits: ‎Danika Justine‎

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