The Real Reasons Last Man Standing Was Canceled

The Real Reasons Last Man Standing Was Canceled
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    As all the major TV networks announced their pickups and cancellations for the upcoming season, the biggest surprise came from ABC. Even though the Tim Allen show Last Man Standing was the network's second highest-rated comedy, ABC decided to drop the sitcom after six seasons. Why would they end one of their most successful shows without warning? Here are some of the reasons Last Man Standing took a fall...
    A major network shift | 0:22
    Budgeting woes | 1:31
    Playing politics? | 2:16
    Fighting back | 4:04
    All of the above | 4:43
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    1. I find this ironic,ABC cancelled the series because they didn't want to pay licence fees,months later its parent company Disney announces its plans to purchase 20th century FOX(Both film & TV divisions),& was finalized earlier this year.

    2. Last Man Standing was canceled by ABC, because it wasn't making money for ABC.
      And now it looks like, after making a big fuss over it, Fox is quitly letting it die.

    3. Yeah, yeah, yeah bla bla bla Real reason ABC's ❄❄❄❄❄ a "safe zone tlevision" ❄❄❄❄❄ truths and disagreeing points of view is unsafe to ❄❄❄❄❄❄'s

    4. Why do you have background music in this video? Please answer me that. If no reason then DON'T DO IT! A lot of us have problems hearing with all the background crap. Moron.

    5. Well, one season finished on fox already with another season already signed. How ya like them apples, black female activist abc exec??!
      All you can say now is that it's not quite as good as your version.

    6. It was cancelled because they are scared of conservatives. Because all the jokes in the show were on point and hurt the dems feelings.

    7. This should have been a normal video. You ass Hats that make top tens and list video's should stick to that. This should have been a report or speculation, and not done like the list vids you do. If it's news, don't cover it. You're no god at it.

    8. It was PURE POLITIC'S! And now that FOX picked it back up it's better than ever if that is possible! ABC has shown their POLITICAL BIAS ON MANY OCCASIONS and can kiss my AMERICAN ASS!!!!

    9. He even called his grandchilds liberal dad a Soros worker. Obviously the decision was all political.. New Will and Grace dedicated their first episode to bash Trump and now once in a while bring up Trump, politics and his family. Is it so dangerous with a conservative show?

    10. Tim Allen's Character Characteristics are his True Inner Being Beliefs, which is (a) He truly DEMISED Women Empowerment in Politics) (b) He truly DEMISED AFRICAN AMERICANS (c) His ANIMOSITY of HATRED for DEMOCRATS. Tim Allen's Belittling, Degrading, and Bullying Characteristics on Stage and Television were his Actual Feelings,being that he is a RACIST BIGOTED NARCISSIST ????

    11. In my opinion i hate last man standing i get that he's a Republican and all and i have no problem with that it's just he says a lot of thing about Obama that i disagree with also i have another problem when black people are involved with the show it tends to get really awkward and there are times where they get rasicst

    12. As far as last man standing goes they say can't be on a streaming service bulshit that's a horrible designated Survivor can make it on f**** Netflix so in it and I can't stand designated Survivor starring Kiefer Sutherland as presently the United States of America


    14. This video was uploaded in May of 2017 yet it's the first time I've seen it even tho I usually keep a pretty decent eye out for videos released by Looper but I guess I missed this one…

      1:28 – Also, btw, ABC was classifying Marvel's "Inhumans" as a drama? lol… this was DEFINITELY one of the several mistakes that both Marvel's TV division and ABC both made with that show hahaha… I didn't even watch the show but just by looking at how cheap the graphics were n how poorly and also cheaply the sets were made, I could tell from the very beginning that the show was going to be dull and boring… ESPECIALLY after seeing the effects they used for Medusa's hair moving all over the place when she used it as a weapon… it looked like it belonged on a cutscene from a PS2 videogame lol am I right???

      It's funny that this video is about Tim Allen and "Last Man Standing" yet I'm still finding a way to complain about "Inhumans" hahaha lmao… That show was pathetic… It's SOOOOO bad that Marvel had NEVER even come close to mentioning it again within the MCU… they brought up "Thor: The Dark World" in arguably the biggest movie every (Avengers: Endgame) yet they haven't even had as much as an Inhumans easter egg ANYWHERE in their universe LMAO… sorry, but that shit is fine AF to me lol… hbu???