“The Office” Cast Reunites For A Zoom Wedding Officiated By John Krasinski And Performes Iconic Jim And Pam’s Wedding Dance

If you’re a fan of The Office, you probably remember one of the best moments of the show⁠—Jim and Pam’s wedding. The beautiful romance that blossomed in the setting of a paper company’s office probably made millions of people behind the screen believe in soulmates.

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In the latest episode of Some Good News, John Krasinski decided to bring some memories of Jim and Pam’s wedding from the iconic sitcom The Office

But we all know that these things don’t only happen on screen and that’s something John Krasinski, who starred as Jim on the iconic sitcom, knows too well.

Not long ago, the actor launched the Youtube show Some Good News with the sole intention of spreading good news and bringing some positivity into people’s lives during these trying times. And you best believe he’s succeeding!

He invited the real-life Jim And Pam—John and Susan—on the show who went viral for having the Office-themed engagement

In the most recent episode, he decided to demonstrate what true soulmates look like by bringing the real-life Pam and Jim⁠—Susan and John, who recently went viral for their Office-themed engagement.

Just like Jim, John got down on one knee outside a gas station and proposed to the love of his life, Susan.

To celebrate their relationship, Krasinski decided to officiate the couple’s wedding right then and there!

The reason why Krasinski brought them on the show left the couple speechless. Apparently, the actor got himself ordained online and decided to officiate their wedding through a Zoom call!

He went out of his way not only to invite family and friends of the couple to be there for that very special moment, but also included Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam.

The cast of The Office surprised John and Susan by joining their Zoom wedding to recreate iconic dance from the show

But that’s not all. After announcing John and Susan as husband and wife, Krasinski decided to give them a very special gift.

It wouldn’t be a wedding without dancing, wouldn’t it?

So, the actor invited very special people⁠—the cast of The Office.

“Because you so elegantly ripped off our show for your proposal, I feel like it’s only fitting that you rip off the wedding, too!” he said before playing the song “Forever.”

The call was joined by all of our favorite characters!

Michael, Meredith, Oscar, Andy, Dwight, Angela, Kevin, Creed, Ryan, Kelly, Erin, and Phyllis all recreating Pam and Jim’s iconic wedding dance!

Watch the full video of reunion below

In case you forgot the original dance from the show, this video will help to refresh your memory

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