The Indian Ocean Tsunami

The Indian Ocean Tsunami
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    1. That woman that had to choose life of over death by trying to help her mother is heart wrenching you can tell by her facial expression after she said about the 2nd wave she still wonders if she should of chosen to die with her mother instead of living 😔

    2. Western Scientific evidence meets eastern humanity and dignity of life. Human Rights of the 21st century. The need to identify the origin of deceased dead human in a natural disaster is killing the dead twice. One death is by nature and the other death is by the another fellow human.

    3. ID in this mass death is not important. There are no freezers to keep the is to pray and organize burial or cremation quickly. Mourning can follow later.suddenly losing a loved one or a whole family is disastrous separating Australians or white men from locals based on skin colour as they say the Westerners will achieve nothing. Those who lost their lives were all Humans.

    4. I respect you, everyone if you died, I hope you get revived by God or Jesus! This is so sad when the tsunami came and that man, losing his son was so sad he was brave and strong he can find his son. I hope. R.I.P. everyone who died D: Maybe the people who died can be revived and live again, his daughter, his wife, it's so sad I'm gonna cry happy tears so bad, I respect everyone who died

    5. "i had to just leave her…" damn. i don't think i could have. i'm so, so close to my mom. i'd probably just hang on and die with her, if it came to it to be honest. then again, you never know what you'll do in such a situation until it's happening to you. i pray it never will.

    6. Tsunamis are not tidal waves. They have nothing to do with the tides. May the nearly 300,000 people who died RIP. You will never be forgotten. Also, the survivors will never be forgotten.

    7. The magnitude of this event, as if the ocean vomited, and in seconds massive loss of life and destruction of homes, buildings, even neighboring towns and cities.. My Heavenly Father , I pray for the victims and survivors, please give them strength and peace that surpasses all understanding in Jesus Christ Name. Amen

    8. 0:50 still stvpit -.v v
      i guessed for more than a decade that region mite be hit during the next decades. . ?
      yes natüre… and ´´bRain$´´ v v

    9. And it wasn’t impossible to identify someone by a picture as many families did. You know your loved one. What they were wearing etc. They shouldn’t have been dismissive of the Thais. They did the best they could

    10. Well they say about how the Thai people doing it by picture and it being wrong. The Thai people were first in scene. The pictures were taken hours after death or when you could still recognise the person. So to say it was wrong isn’t right. They were going the best they could under the circumstances. Glad they all came together in the end. God bless those who died that day and the families who lost loved ones. And anyone involved in this in any way shape or form.

    11. On reddit some dude said that he and his friend were on vacation, and didn’t know whether to go home or to go to the beach the next day. They flipped a coin, and it said to go home. If the coin landed on the other side, they would have gone to the beach and experienced this tsunami.

    12. My heart goes to the victims and their families, but also appreciate all the persons who worked through these traumatic conditions to reunite families or at least to provide them closure.

    13. That would be so hard being young and surviving this and being all alone after it finished and having to go out and look for your family’s bodies or even not finding them

    14. So glad to here that everyone decided to get on board! Every human being is valuable and has a family. People need to work together to honor the dead and ease the suffering of the living.

    15. It's difficult to process the deaths of the estimated 225.000 people who perished . Thank you for showing and talking with surviving loved ones and the enormous challenge they faced in finding those lost. I was in tears. Their pain and grief will be with them always. I hope time has helped them. Bad things happen to good people in life sometimes. Appreciate the moment and be grateful.