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    1. I take about 1hr and 30mins to warm up before my junior tournaments, but that includes signing in and about 10 min of break time before I head to the first tee (I still arrive 10 min before tee time)

    2. I usually arrive at the golfclub 60min before tee time. I go get my bags that are in a locker on the course and go streight to the driving range.
      Something I really think you should have mentioned is stretching without hitting balls, that really helps with the "loosing it up"-part before getting to the long shots.

      On the range I start as you mentioned (except I stretch first) then go for my 52degree wedge, hit a coupple of 50-100 yard shots and work my way up the clubs as you mentioned. Then when I get to let's say 6-7 iron I switch back to a 52degree again and hit 2-3 shots just to make it more gamerealistic. After hitting them I go for thje hybrid, the spoon and the driver. After driver I go back and finish off with my 52 degree again and lastly 2-3 balls with the 7 iron, just to make a good last ball strike and move on to the chipping and putting green.

      I spend about 15m chipping and putting before going up to tee 10min before teetime and mark my balls if needed and getting a peg and such and just visualize the first shot of the game. It makes a huge different by starting the round with a nice crisp first shot. Makes the rest of the round go smooth! 🙂

      Great videos, keep em coming!

    3. Paul H. Here Rick just to add I'm watching my 9 vid of yours a subscriber am I. One other thing is there a form of spectacles that I can see through when it's raining for golf

    4. Hi Rick I practice between rounds but then 5 mins before at tee I'll rock my hips back and forth swing a 4 / 5 iron together rock from one foot to other and seem to play alright however lately I've hit the ball well but found trouble and escape pretty well 9 from 10 times. So why now we'll my 3rd round in a row I had 2×8 3×7 and a 9 I did record 4 pars though but thoughly discussed with myself.
      Paul H.

    5. Good points, but I don’t even touch my golf shoes until I’ve stretched for at least 20 minutes. Legs, arms, chest back, everything. Then I go into what you’ve talked about. I rarely see anybody stretching before their round starts. Yeah, you see the typical turns of the upper body while holding a club, but legs? Never! And the legs are where it starts! So for me I get to the course about an hour before my tee time.

    6. Know this is an old post, and its a good one. But…surprised that you excluded warming up (stretching and getting big muscle groups activated). I'm older (58), need 10 minutes of just getting my body ready to play. Prevents injuries, helps me with the first swings.

    7. Great video Rick.I usually start with 15 full wedge shots (3 different degrees).Then I do 5 full sots with each iron (9-5)Then 10 shots with my 5 woodThen 10 shots with my 3 woodThat is 60 balls in about 30 minutes.I apply my shot routine on each shot, and visualization too.I then go putting (around the world on 1 hole (4 balls from 3' then 4 balls from 5' and finish with 4 balls from 7')That takes me about 10 minutes, then I drink 1 beer and I'm ready to tee up!

    8. Hi Rick I tend to get there about an hour . ten b4 tee off as i do go through my full 14 set I'm playing with i very rarely change gear as i play 85% of my golf at PARKLANDS Gosforth Newcastle . I hit the driving range first then pitch & putt and then putting green i think it does help .plus warms the body up ready for the real test. ( THE GAME )

    9. Here's my warm-up.
      1. I go to the driving range and start with the 60 degree wedge and I shoot 10 balls with each Club gradually working my way up to the driver.
      2. Then I go to the chipping area practice a couple chips and I also practice some flop shots from probably 30 yards and closer. This is the time you would want to take some bunker shots if they have a sand trap you can use.
      3. Putt.
      4. Now you have zero excuses with any aspect of your game if you have practiced correctly
      5. You must be aware that the practice balls will come off your Club much differently then your everyday golf ball you use during the round so make sure you use whatever golf ball you're going to use during the round while you are cutting and chipping this is one of the most important aspects of warming up.

    10. There's major flaws in this pre-shot warm-up routine you're telling everyone to do in my opinion. The problem with giving yourself 30 minutes is that you need time to pack your clubs up from every area and that could take upwards of 5 to 10 minutes for some people so that means that you're going to have to rush to the next areas or you're going to have to cut short on time on a specific routine. I say give yourself an hour to warm up

    11. Yes, I try to do this when the golf course has the facilities.   Nice video and a good reminder or what preparation one should make.

    12. I show up a little over an hour before. Time to get my clubs on my cart and shoes on. Pay then head to driving range so 15 minutes gone. Do 10 minutes of stretching and getting limber. 15 minutes of driving range about like he said. 10 minutes chipping and then 10 minutes putting. Then head to the first tee and wait for my turn to go with a few minutes to spare. I don’t like to rush myself and keep a nice smooth tempo to my practice to playing.

    13. Sounds about right. Worked at a golf clubs for several years. Like to hit 12-20 balls on the range, 10-15 chips and as many good putts as I can before the first tee. Always ending on a good one for the mental game so I can see the putts falling. The short game is the only thing that keeps my scores low so it’s important I keep that part strong.

    14. Alway short game and putting. Range varies as it can boost or hurt my confidence. Struggling with my game so I would rather take my previous weeks practice sessions to the course than the 10 mins of potential mis hits right before my tee time.

    15. When I'm on the putting green I always make sure I practice long putts but then finishing by draining the second putt if I were to miss. My dad always taught me to reduce the number of putts in your game by one putting and two putting so I average 1.3 putts now per hole.

    16. I’m just starting to play maybe 3 times a week and this has significantly helped me to prepare for the round. I’ve knocked 10 shots off of my game over the last two months and that I can only put down to more consistency on different areas of the course because of this.

    17. For Older golfers I would suggest an extra 15 minutes of "warm-up" then the 30 minute routine. Warm-up could be a combo of a 10 minute fast walk and then stretch for 5 minutes.

    18. Yes…I do stretching, full swing, and putting practice at home all week in my garage/golf gym…..It's part of a daily fitness and flexability workout routine tailored toward golf….Keeps me in physical shape….(I don't go to the regular gym.)

      When I show up to the course, I'm basically ready to play….I usually practice around the putting green, Chipping, Pitching, and Lag Putting to within 3 feet of the hole just to get the feel for that day……..Under no circumstances, do I stand on the green and watch myself missing random shorter putts……(Its the same reason I don't hit large buckets of balls on the range.)

      If I have any time left, I may stroke a couple of full wedges and a couple of Drives, but no more than that.

      After that, it's time to hit the first Tee!!…..Cheers!!

    19. Enjoyed that Rick. Especially the explanations of what not to do. I usually hit a half hour of long shots and head to the first tee. Chipping and putting is then terrible during the round.

    20. Hi Rick, video suggestion in your strategy series: how do you recce a new course (that you've not played before) before having to play it in a competition? Assuming you go to play a practice round, what are you doing / looking at / noting during that practice round. Thanks.