The BEST Keurig Coffee #NationalCoffeeDay

The BEST Keurig Coffee #NationalCoffeeDay
    BEST LABS // #AD To celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay with Keurig Canada, I teamed up with them to taste test DOZENS of Keurig K-Cups. The goal? To find the BEST tasting one of them all! 
    As a coffee lover, this was necessary work that answers the age old question - what K-Cup is BEST? 
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    Best Labs answers the questions on what the BEST ___ is! While legitimately answering the question, it's all about the entertainment along the way. Questions get answered through Games, Challenges, Debates, Field Trips and other ridiculous means of getting to the BEST of things. 
    That said, I'm always looking for your feedback, so definitely continue the conversation in the comments below + ask any questions that you want answered in a future episode!
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    1. To each their own. Surprisingly, I actually like the McDonald's Premium Medium Roast. I think that there are some similar roasts, but McDonald's seems to provide the most bang for my buck. I think that the best tasting K-cup coffees are from brands like Peet's (Major Dickinson blend), Lavazza classic roast and Starbucks Pike Place. However, the McDonald's Premium Medium Roast is my go-to blend — never disappointing and virtually identical with Lavazza and Starbucks for less than half the price.

    2. does push-ups, then take coffee
      As we say here in Italy: just a minute: I need to recover the lung I've just spat out laughing ????
      (and yes: you own pretty nice cups, I have to admit ?)

      Ok, let's talk about coffee: I knew the Keurig brand, but sadly isn't available here in Italy (but there are available some alternatives and competitors, like Nespresso to name one).
      Well, I have to admit I'm quite particular in coffee (well, we – as Italians – have got a "folklore" about coffee, you might tell it by considering that nice little words like espresso or ristretto – tho are used quite worldwide – are in Italian language ?): I'm a ristretto guy, and I like to sip from a glass not-flaming-hot (porcellain is more refractory, indeed, and I can't deal with a scorching cup ??) black, unflavoured, unsweetened, unmilked, unmodified, un-I-dont-know-which-things-someone-likes-with-their (but NOT uncaffeinated: I do need a caffeine punch to begin) hot beverage ☕
      However I agree: there could be only one coffee ?

      PS: by making coffee whilst handling a Keurig machine, you'll get a coffee that has been shaken, not stirred ?