Tesco Launches The First Band-Aids For Diverse Skin Tones

If your skin is white, you probably have never even thought about why most band-aids are beige. The reason behind this color choice is that band-aids are not only intended to cover your bruises and wounds⁠—their purpose is also to hide them. For this reason, band-aids should blend in with your skin. That’s something black and Asian people know well. Why, you may wonder? Because there are still too few options for band-aids that suit darker skin tones.

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Recently, Tesco introduced band-aids that comes in 3 different skin tones

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Sure, not everyone cares if the band-aid matches their skin.
That’s why so many of us opt for blue-colored band-aids or even yellow. Some of us even grab children’s ones and cover ourselves with fun and colorful plasters. But you know what? It’s always nice to have a choice, but not all of us have it yet. So, to change that, Tesco, a supermarket chain in the UK, is releasing band-aids that come in 3 different skin tones. And it’s “about bloody time,” as their slogan says.

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The idea to make these band-aids belongs to one of Tesco’s employees who noticed a viral tweet from a black man who, for the first time, at the age of 45, found a band-aid to match his skin tone.

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The emotional tweet quickly went viral, as many people could relate to the issue.
Tesco acknowledged the need for more diverse band-aids (more commonly known as plasters in the UK) and became the first supermarket in the UK to do so.

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“No UK supermarket had ever stocked plasters in a range of skin tones before and we saw this as an opportunity for Tesco to lead the charge and make a genuine difference,” said Paulette Balson, chairwoman of the BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) at Tesco network.

Not only does the supermarket aim to provide items that are valuable to its clients, but they also hope that other retailers will follow their lead in being more diverse.

“We believe the launch of our new skin tone plaster range is an important step and a move that we hope will be replicated by other retailers and supermarkets across the country,” said Nicola Robinson, health, beauty, and wellness director at Tesco.

Image credits: tesco

These soft and durable band-aids come in a box of 40 and cost £1. They are available in three different shades: light, medium, and dark.

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