Star Wars Fan Creates A Hilarious Comparison of How Star Wars Characters Would Make Coffee And People Think It’s Spot-On

Given coffee’s popularity, I think it’s safe to say that most people absolutely love coffee. In pretty much the same way, given the popularity of Star Wars, it’s safe to say that most people absolutely love Star Wars. Now, what happens when you put the two together?

A woman by the name of Violet Wilson, a twenty-something writer based out of Minneapolis with whom Bored Panda got in touch for an interview, recently went to Twitter to share her guide to how every Star Wars character prepares coffee⁠—everything from gas station and Starbucks coffee to Keurigs, Moka teapots, and straight-up caffeine pills. Now all we need is for someone to create one of those internet personality tests where you are assigned a Star Wars character based on how you make your coffee.

We invite you to check out and vote on her 16 submissions and a number of additions posted by her fans and other Twitter users.

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“I’d seen people use this “characters as other things” as a format before and always got a kick out of it,” explained Violet the inspiration behind this little Star Wars coffee project. “I love Star Wars and have spent a lot of time watching movies and reading books, and I thought that I could give it a shot. The only thing I like as much as Star Wars is coffee, so it made sense to me!”


Image credits: ViWiWrites


Image credits: ViWiWrites

We asked Violet whether there was some sort of reasoning as to why a specific coffee preparation method was assigned to a specific Star Wars character. She explained the process as a “gut feeling” and added: “I like writing Star Wars fan fiction, so something I really enjoy is thinking about characterization. I thought, you know, Obi Wan for example is a little old fashioned, and he’s thoughtful and careful. So, I thought that something like a French Press would suit him! I also wanted to find images that matched the style and look of each character as well. Padmé Amidala has a very old fashioned, almost Renaissance character design so I found something that had wood and brass in it to match her aesthetic.”


Image credits: ViWiWrites


Image credits: ViWiWrites

Since then, her Twitter thread went viral, not only on Twitter, but also in the form if screenshots on Imgur, garnering over 94,000 views in just a day. Needless to say, this left her rather surprised: “I basically just tweet to make my friends laugh, so it was cool to see that so many other people liked it too. Honestly, it was a total blast! Twitter can be kind of divisive, so I was happy that I made something that hopefully anyone who enjoys Star Wars can read and enjoy. People added their own suggestions for other characters, too, which was fun for me as a fellow fan. It’s a weird time and it feels nice to think that I made some people smile.”


Image credits: ViWiWrites


Image credits: ViWiWrites

Now, the main question is still left unanswered: what is Violet’s favorite coffee, and does that fit the character she assigned it to?

“Tough one, but I like cold brew coffee the best, which would make me most like Han Solo according to my own thread. I’m definitely not as much of a “shoot first” type person, but I adore Han’s character so I’ll take it!” said Violet.


Image credits: ViWiWrites


Image credits: ViWiWrites

Now, Violet found success beyond just reposts on Imgur, manifesting itself in a way that is by some considered the highest form of approval and honor: “Some of authors of Star Wars books re-tweeted the thread with comments saying they liked it, which basically is the coolest thing ever. Star Wars is so fun.”


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