Sharon Stone Went On The Bumble Online Dating Site, Got Banned, And Now Everyone Wants To Date Her

User safety is important. To keep an app that millions rely on to meet other people running smoothly, spotting users who could be trying to manipulate others and escape consequences is a real challenge. But sometimes, by trying to target suspicious activity, companies can end up in the embarrassing position of falsely accusing people for personal traits that they can’t change, as people with supposedly “inappropriate” names often find when they try to create accounts.

It turns out that another trait that people looking out for online security find suspicious is… happening to be a celebrity that people recognize. Sharon Stone recently posted on Twitter that she tried to use the dating app Bumble, but quickly received enough fake profile reports that she was blocked. She called out Bumble on Twitter, leaving no doubts that she was actually behind the account, where customer service representatives sheepishly straightened things out.

Image credits: sharonstone

Sharon Stone spoke up on Twitter after the dating app turned her down

Image credits: sharonstone

Image credits: sharonstone

A Bumble rep apologized and promised to fix the mix-up

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A few commenters despaired that a high-profile actor would steal the spotlight on one of the same dating apps that the peasants use… why not, though? When dating apps started taking off in the early 2010s, it was mostly people in their 20s who got on board right away, but in the next few years, interest started going up exponentially among all dating demographics, almost doubling among singles over 50. Who knows, it might be more unusual now for single people who are looking for matches in the first place not to be using an app than to be using one.

Stone wasn’t that amused by the punny Bumble representatives who apologized for the mix-up, but at least it sounds like she’s back on the app, so everyone trying to shoot their shot in the replies to her thread can move over there now.

Commenters sympathized and shared their dating ups and downs

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