SEVE practicing his irons during the World Matchplay at Wentworth

SEVE practicing his irons during the World Matchplay at Wentworth
    I asked SEVE if I could video his practice session, here is the result !
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    1. An old joke. 3 cardinals playing golf when a figures shimmers towards them and asks if he can join in. They say fine. He looks at the shot, dogleg left, 200 yds, and selects a 7 iron. One of the cardinals says “200yds……7 iron, who does he think he is…..God?” The other replied “no, he is God……he thinks he’s Seve”

    2. april 16th 2019 ……  still the best golf swing ever ……….  no disrespect for todays players , but they are not fit to tie this  mans shoelaces ….. end of story!

    3. I watched Seve hitting balls on the range at Wentworth – I've watched Greg Norman, Faldo, Els, Elkington and loads more from that era. Can honestly say his ball striking was the most memorable…he went out and shot 65 that day so was on form. Glad I got to experience it, every shot followed exactly the same trajectory, same shape. Was mesmerising ..

    4. Amazing, I used to go to Wentworth for match play and PGA, followed seve on many occasions, my favourite 2 golfers ever him and faldo, these were the days when golf was exciting, not like today, I just can't explain to people just how charismatic the golfers were in the 80s and 90s, not the money making machines of today, they played golf because they loved it and that came through in the atmosphere that they created. True giants, the gods of golf

    5. Seve walked thru a crowd of people, passed myself and onto the practice area at The Belfry for the 1989 Ryder Cup. As he emerged from the crowd, he was greeted with the loudest crowd 'roar' and applause that sent a shiver of pride down my spine. The 'main man' had just entered the arena… and we all knew it!!! Heaven knows how an American golfer felt at hearing that sound from all of us. (the spectators). The atmosphere was electric, and we were only on the practice area!! This video bought back all the memories of Seve on that day. The sound of the ball strike is exactly as I remember it. A pure, crisp 'crack' as the club struck the ball. With The Belfry just 10 mins away from where I live, I've been lucky enough to have attended three Ryder Cups and seen many great players at The Belfry over the years… but no-one comes close to Save Ballesteros. In my mind, Seve had the greatest golf swing you will ever see live!

    6. Interesting. He was super aware of his alignment w the feet. You could literally see them opening and closing to match the location of the shag caddy. Looks like he'd close off slightly to play a pronounced draw and vice versa to hoist up a cut.

    7. David, thanks so much for this. For some time now, I have tried to watch video of Seve before I play, trying to capture that rhythm. This was a magical tape – it speaks to the beautiful swing and the striking. I met Seve in Madrid a few years ago, and I'm very happy I did. The one thing I wanted to tell him was how much pleasure he had given to so many people, and I think he appreciated that. With his health falling apart, and his marriage failing, and unshaven on the course playing the Madrid Open, there was still something very, very special about following him, as I did for several holes, inside the ropes. I even saw him subtly trying to intimidate an official into giving him a drop (which he didn't get). I first saw Seve live at Moyola Park in N Ireland (video available on YouTube) when he did all the putter tricks on the putting green before teeing off – he'd won The Masters that year, and although he shot around par that day, he was wonderful to watch in all departments of the game. I also saw him live at Oak Hill in the Ryder Cup, when he lost to Tom Lehman in the singles – BUT Lehman hit every green in regulation, and Seve was all over the place, and still took Lehman to the 15th. RIP Seve. Thanks again, David.

    8. The most impressive (everything else is impressive BTW!) thing I found with Seve, was his posture at address. Equipment wise 'Slazenger' were once a great golfing company.

    9. I followed Seve around Wentworth. He was a birdie machine, pure genius.

      I saw him Captain the European team to victory in the Ryder Cup. He wanted to win so much, not being able to play in that Ryder cup was so difficult for him.

      In his prime he is among the greatest if not the greatest to have ever played the game.

    10. Nicklaus was at the top of his game for over 20 years and so won many majors, but if a players greatness is judged on any one given moment in time then Seve and Tiger were at a level of genius,at their best, far above anyone. Neither were my favourites what with gamesmanship bordering on cheating (Seve) and spitting, swearing etc.. (Tiger) but that's another story.