Selfish People Are Hitting Bars And Ignoring The Need For Social Distancing

#Quarantinelife is the no. 1 trending hashtag in the United States today, and for a good reason. Centers For Disease Control have warned people to “stay home as much as possible,” while concerned health care professionals joined for a manifesto that basically begs everyone to “#stay home and save lives” in a national campaign.

But some reckless bar-goers all around the country decided first to quench their thirst. Crowds of people were spotted standing in lines waiting to get their hands on a drink before bars close down for good. The annual St. Patrick’s Holiday could be to blame, but it’s in no way an excuse to put the lives of others at risk. Today, social distancing is a responsibility and not an option. And no one will blame you for having a drink or two behind closed doors at home!

So please, Pandas, share your quarantine routines in the comments to help to raise awareness on the importance of staying home.


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Many of us could walk around infected but totally unaware, without any symptoms, for weeks. Plus, realistically, the vaccine for COVID-19 will probably not be ready until at least the middle of next year. That’s why social distancing—maintaining at least 3 feet of distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing—plays a vital role in pandemic control.  

There’s a sense that young people are at lower risk of falling ill with coronavirus and developing lethal complications. But Donald G. McNeil Jr., a science and health reporter specializing in plagues and pestilences, believes this attitude to be “totally selfish.” He explained: “Do you have a parent? Do you have a grandparent? You don’t want your last memory of that person being that you gave them the virus that killed them. You’ll kick yourself for the rest of your life if you did that.”


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