Ryder Cup: Why Team Europe Always Wins and Team USA Always Loses | Golf Digest

Ryder Cup: Why Team Europe Always Wins and Team USA Always Loses | Golf Digest
    Golf Digest editors try to explain the recent run of Team Europe dominance over Team USA in the Ryder Cup.
     The American teams over the past few years,
     there's just this expectation of because of who they are
     they should come out and roll all over the Europeans
     and I think just looking at the number
     of majors they've won, the number they won,
     the amount of money these guys have won.
     They just seem better.
     They have the unenviable position
     of being the favorites constantly.
     They're the best golfers, they should have the best team.
     If they lose, it's an upset,
     that's a lot of pressure
     because I don't think they truly feel that way themselves.
     And so when you're a favorite,
     it's really easy to feel okay,
     as long as I don't screw up we'll win,
     which is the complete antithesis
     to have these guys think week in and week out
     of the PGA tour where they say, hey,
     I gotta go beat  guys this week,
     I have to play my absolute best.
     The Europeans play to win and Americans play not to lose.
     For whatever reason, maybe the pressure gets to them,
     representing their country,
     push them so far outside their comfort zone
     that they just can't quite perform at the same level
     we're used to seeing these guys perform to.
     The Europeans, even when they're the clear favorites,
     perceive themselves as underdogs.
     They see the Americans as spoiled, as rich,
     just a little bit arrogant, and you know,
     they can't wait to kick that silver spoon
     out of their mouths.
     There's an us verses them mentality.
     They still have their roots, they still have that
     you know when they played with each other
     as juniors over in Europe and these are guys
     that have played with each other throughout their lives
     and now they're trying to assemble together
     and beat the other guys.
     On the European side they're playing for their tour,
     I think they feel like it's validating the European tour
     where they play week in and week out so they feel like
     they're there to represent the quality
     of golf that's played.
     I don't think that they wanna win the event
     more than the U.S.
     but I think that they're genuinely a little closer
     and I think that comes through when you see the pairings
     and that's why they're more successful in those pairings.
     It's not just this, let's flip the switch
     and be buddies this week and play for each other.
     You know, I think the best way to explain the problem
     with Americans perception of Europeans
     goes back to an interview I did with Payne Stewart in ,
     and he says instantly,
     on paper they shouldn't be caddying for us,
     but then he says, but it's not about on paper,
     it's about bringing your game to the event,
     and they bring it.
     It just means more to them, it's how they identify
     their careers, how they identify their value as players,
     how did I perform in the Ryder Cup
     is a big question for them.
     It tells the world that we're great,
     nobody ever thought we were great until the Ryder Cup.
     It's the heart of golf.
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    Ryder Cup: Why Team Europe Always Wins and Team USA Always Loses | Golf Digest
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    1. Here’s the real reason. It’s USA (one country population 300 million) against Europe (50 countries population 700 million). It used to be USA vs one country, but the USA always won; hence why they switched to USA vs 50 countries. If you took one sports team (let’s say the Dallas Cowboys), and paired them against the best players of every other team in the league, who do you think is going to win? That’s the Ryder cup. Seem a bit unfair maybe?