Ryder Cup 1987 – Muirfield

Ryder Cup 1987 - Muirfield
    The 27th Ryder Cup Matches were held September 25–27, 1987 at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb north of Columbus. The European team won their second consecutive competition by a score of 15 to 13 points in probably the most historic Ryder Cup. After an unbeaten record of 13–0 spanning sixty years, the U.S. team lost for the first time on home soil.
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    1. 7:37 This was Seve's best memory of golf, hugging Nick. Nick's best memory came eight years later in '95 in his Sunday singles match against Curtis, when Seve came to hug him in a flood of tears.

    2. Starting a baseless rumor: Because Larry Nelson conceded the winning putt at Nicklaus' Muirfield Village in 1987, Jack has had him blackballed from becoming captain ever since.  Prove me wrong.

    3. 7:15: the Langer/Nelson mutual concession. Time & mythology have stretched those putts out to six, sometimes eight, feet. But in truth they were little more than two feet.

    4. I was just talking about Eamon Darcy the other day to a fellow golfer (his HCP 6 to my 8) as his swing reminded me so much of the Irish fella's. Darcy had probably the WORST technical swing in the history of tour golf, but he still managed to hit the ball sweetly. There were SO many moving parts, my golfing partner is exactly the same…

      The only way I can describe it is if you try imagining a puppet on strings hitting a golf ball! :-/

      Wrists & elbows break early, the knees wobble, the head is moving around, the club is flying around like a whirling dervish but he, like Darcy, somehow lands the clubface right behind the ball and more often than not hits the sweet spot!

      I'll never know how either of them did it, but I just shake my head in admiration. 🙂

    5. I so remember that Ryder Cup. Darcy's point particularly interested me. His uncle, Bay Darcy, taught my dad to play, & Eamon caddied for my dad at Delanny. Something I did years later. Big slopes as I remember.