Ryan Moore Golf Swing | Learn from his backswing

Ryan Moore Golf Swing | Learn from his backswing
    Ryan Moore has been on the PGA Tour for many years and has a backswing that looks unorthodox but his movement may help improve your golf.
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    1. Does the left wrist stay cupped in the backswing and then flatten in the downswing?
      I know the A swing wants a strong grip and if you keep that cup it would promote a block?

    2. I have made the change to the A swing and love it. Always hit the ball really well with my old one plane swing but was having lower back problems. The pivot or turn in the A swing seems to put less strian on my lower back and hitting the ball just as well. Divots are dead stright to target line and already after a week the simplicity of the move is definitely improving consistency. The Grip is crucial and will feel a little strange at first with strong left and weak right hands but defiantly worth trying weather low mid or high handicap.

    3. Buzza. I struggled with a shallow to steep swing. The light finally went on in my head. Taking the club vertical almost forces the club to shallow..works very well.

    4. The flattening of the swing from the top is something I have been trying to do lately. When it works, the way the clubs snaps through the ball is very cool. What I have found is that if I rush the swing at all from the top, it is impossible to do. So I have to start slow and smooth. The other issue I have is that if I try it with the ball below my feet or from a downhill lie, I tend to fat them really bad. But it is a work in progress and a cool swing thought. Thanks Buzza.

    5. Buzza I'm achieving a more upright swing after a lesson but I'm finding it so difficult to flatten on the way down. I've eradicated my hook but I'm still occasionally pulling the ball due to being unable to flatten on the way down….. any tips ???

    6. Have toyed about with the 'steep to flat' shape in the past and understand this may help sort out my current pushing/hooking nightmare. Giving it a go on the range later as while it feels weird results are all that matter. Cheers Buz