RONALDO VS MESSI, Chelsea BEATEN?! F2's Football Fix Ep 26

    With the introduction of the new show segment, Messi vs Ronaldo the F2 boys look at who's performing best this season! The results are in from Costa vs Aguero including this seasons top 4 battle debate!
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    1. Ok i think they are equal,but if i have to say one thing,I'll say costa isnt dirty ,he's just inexperienced in comparison to aguero. Also,he isnt just technically there

    2. Messi is the best player in the world. He doesn't score for himself only. He assists players and has a brain in his foot. Do you guys remember what he did to Jerome Boatang. He flopped on the ground after being skilled by Messi and then, Messi scores against the best goalkeeper in the world. Are you kidding? In the Champions League when Hernandez scored against Atletico, Ronaldo forgets about Chicharito and shows off for himself because he was proud he got an "assist" for a sweaty goal

    3. its not neymar's fault its suarez' fault. messi is playing on the right and hes useless out there. put him in the middle and let him get the ball and run at defenders. watch the game vs espanyol. he played the first half on the wing and did nothing (except for the injury time). in the second half he was moved into the middle and barca scored 4 more goals… having said that, ronaldo is on another level. hes scoring more goals than most teams, let alone players. ronaldo's start was the best i've ever seen anybody play for an extended period of time. he was averaging almost 2.5 goals a game… he was averaging MORE goals per game than 91 OF THE TOP 99 TEAMS IN EUROPE! NINETY ONE! 

    4. Ronaldo is way better just look at his goal tally compared to messi ronaldo has been around longer and has had more experience therefore he nos more about the beautiful game and can put that to his advantage

    5. Hats of to jeez he's just gone and done it again, you slaughter Falcao, then he bangs in a goal, well played jez ;). Keep up the entertainment lads really enjoying the banter, billy you had me on floor on how you would ask ozil question on vision about "does it help ha?" hahaha 😭😂

    6. If Messi went to Real Madrid, his performance would improve.

      If Ronaldo moved to Barcelona, he will struggle as Barcelona works as a team and not a one man wonder.