Reality Bites (10/10) Movie CLIP – Troy Comes Back (1994) HD

Reality Bites (10/10) Movie CLIP - Troy Comes Back (1994) HD
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    Troy (Ethan Hawke) comes back after his father's death and professes his love and regret to Lelaina (Winona Ryder).
    Four recent graduates discover how difficult it is to find a decent job and true love after college.
    TM & © Universal (1994)
    Cast: Ethan Hawke, Winona Ryder
    Director: Ben Stiller
    Producers: Danny DeVito, Bill Finnegan, Wm. Barclay Malcolm, Sheldon Pinchuk, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, Lori-Etta Taub
    Screenwriter: Helen Childress
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    1. We already know what this is about..
      There once was a man who took a brand new shirt and he gave it to his sister.. And she thought that was fair.. Because her brother wears more material than she does.. And so she thought that he should be like a movie star.. That people talk about.. And so she wrote a letter to the movie studios for him and she sent a picture.. To the studio.. And it was Troy.. And so they called him in for an interview.. To meet him in person and he didn't even know what they were talking about but he went in to the studio anyway to find out what that was all about and when he got there, there was a woman at the desk and she told him to sit and wait and that he would be called and so he did that.. And they called him finally after several hours he went in to meet somebody and they asked him if he knows how to dance.. At which time he fell right out of his chair because he could not stop laughing.. And so they made him an offer..

    2. These guys are just about the most beautiful twosome around. In real life Ethan and Winona have more intelligence than most actors, and that comes through in this movie. Lots of identification here. Okay, but maybe I need to start wearing better hair product. LOL.

    3. I have seen quite a few negative comments about Troy and I would like to share my opinion. Don't forget that he is very young, just out of college, afraid of the future and in denial that he needs to grow up. Many young adults go through this stage. On top of that he needs to face and accept the reality that his father is dying, with all the consequences that this brings and all the philosophical questions about life and what it really matters. He has his father's example working in a job he probably disliked all his life to just then die, so he doesn't want to end up like that, he wants his life to have meaning but he doesn't know how, he knows he likes music but he is not taking it too seriously, probably because of society misconceptions,  so he is just wasting his time around trying to deal with all this.. he has been in love with Lelaine for years, he knows it but as often happens when you are in love with your best friend, he doesn't bring that up, for fear of rejection or for fear of ruining the friendship. Lelaine has probably subtly rejected him in the past already, at the beginning of the film she jokes about why they never got involved, hinting that is Troy's fault somehow, this kind of behaviour has probably discouraged Troy from opening up about the way he feels.. she is even opposing at him moving him telling everyone how lame he is.. when Lelaine begins to go out with Mike, you can tell straightaway that he is gelous and worried that he might lose Lelaine, he asks who is Mike and he tries to be awkward with him. When he bumps into her and Mike making out, he is obviously upset, so he is mean to her.. she confronts him askibg to speak up but in the heat of the moment he doesn't want to give her the satisfaction.. when she is down he tries to cheer her up, he then finds the courage to kiss her and he tells her that he wants their relationship to evolve (from just friends to a couple) but her rejects him again.. he then does the only thing he can do.. be around her is too painful so he avoids her.. then when she is down again, again he is there for her and they spend the night together.. the morning after he panics, is not sure is good enough for her, he knows she has expectations and he runs away, but at the bar he is not denying that he acted like a jerk and he is honest to her, he does want them to be together but Lelaine is just too annoyed rejecting him again.. so he is mean again, then his father dies, and he has to comes to terms with reality, he gets back and without expecting anything he just wants things to be clear between him and Lelaine. Mike he is a good man, but he is just the safe choice, Lelaine is not in love with him, she goes out with him because society makes her believe he is a more suitable candidate as he has a job, he has a car etc.. but rationalizing is not how you find love.. love is raw and unpredictable and although Mike has a lot to offer, Troy gets Lelaine in a way Mike will never be able to..

    4. Bummer! You cut it off at the best part, where Troy plays Froggy Went a Courtin on guitar. .. off to look for that clip on Youtube! 🙂

    5. this is so pathetic. I was part of that generation and this is really not. I just watched it to laugh. Did not realized i was wasting my time. What is worst is that it ended up so happy. They should do a secuence so we could find out what happened to them. Reality Sucks. The new film's title.

    6. So I guess everyone missed the part when he said he got an arcane glimpse of the universe. Meaning he knows what a douche he is. And it's all a bravado, which is why it was ironic that he said Lelaina's was embarrassing. He's scared & insecure.

      I love this scene. I love Ethan Hawke in this movie.

    7. Is the movie supposed to show the main character is illogical? This is how I got it. Correct me if Iam wrong

      Troy: Hey so, Iam a narcissistic egotistic hobo, but I got one thing that Mike doesn' long greasy hair, and oh! Me dad died of prostrate cancer
      Lelaine: take me!