People Are Trying To Give Themselves Haircuts In Quarantine And It’s Not Going Well (24 Pics)

“It shouldn’t be so hard,” you told yourself standing in front of the mirror, holding the pair of rusty kitchen scissors. Due to the quarantine, your corner hair salon is dubbed a non-essential business (who would do that?!) Which means your hair isn’t getting professional treatment any time soon.

But the locks are down! And some people have had enough. After all, spring is the right time to freshen up those looks and the self-isolation haircut is the only service available. The result is hilarious DIY haircuts, from plain bad to “interesting,” compiled in Bored Panda’s list below. Don’t forget to upvote your favorites! Been here, done that? Tell us in the comments!

#1 Lara Made A Valiant Attempt

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#2 Self Isolation

Image credits: DanielRundle

#3 Josh Went For The Full-On Bowl Cut

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While most of the states in the US have allowed barbers and hair salons to decide whether to close for quarantine or not, the UK is now debating whether to shut down all salons.

The conservative MP David Morris, who owned six hair salons himself, urged government to add salons to the list of closed venues. “Hairdressers don’t wear gloves when cutting hair. It’s impossible to do so,” he told the Sun, “and they touch other people on average 1,000 times per haircut.”

There are now 11,813 confirmed coronavirus cases and 580 fatalities in the UK. Meanwhile, the United States is now the most affected country in the world with 85,991 cases and 1,296 deaths. That’s 5,402 more cases than Italy, which was previously the most severely hit country.

#4 Josh

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#5 Harry, 23

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#6 Tommy, 22

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These days, so many people are concerned with their looks that when stuck at home, they pick up the tools they have available to maintain themselves. Amy Flowers, a psychologist who specializes in body image, believes that “such concern is far greater than vanity.” She told The Atlantic: “If you get your identity with work and you can’t work now, or you don’t have your friends and that social status and power, I think that’s going to affect you tremendously.”

#7 With The Hairdressers Being Shut, We Thought We’d Better Do It….. He Was Way Too Tired And Kicked Off Halfway Through…. He’s Now Asleep With This Haircut

Image credits: cheftomkerridge

#8 Corona Haircut

Image credits: wilson1the1ball

#9 Matt, 20

Image credits: SWNS

Sometimes, an urge to change one’s appearance has to do with changing situations amid stressful times. One hairstylist, Ruby Jones, said she “shouldn’t be surprised if I have a lot of clients booking appointments for big changes for post-pandemic haircuts.”

Some of us are doing that at home already. In the end, it’s a painless way to experiment a bit without getting awkward looks from people on the streets.

#10 It’s Called The “Corona”

Image credits: bopoulsennyc

#11 Today My Partner Learned That You Shouldn’t Put Off A Haircut Until The Apocalypse When The Only Person Left To Do It (We’re In NYC) Is Your Girlfriend Who Has Never Even Trimmed Her Own Ends. He Calls This Look “Cambodian Garbage Hitler.”

Image credits: NotedHeathen

#12 Joined The Club

Image credits: MattMacgregorrx

#13 My Kiddo Cut His Hair Yesterday, Then Agreed To Let Me Have A Little Fun With It Before We Fixed It

Image credits: KThingy

#14 Ollie, 22

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#15 Isolation Haircut

Image credits: GStancev

#16 Every Day Of The Quarantine I Will Shave A Little More

Image credits: bymyhandsorwithfire

#17 Jim, 20

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#18 Isolation Haircut

Image credits: martinstevens0n

#19 I Need To Tweet This So I Can Put It In My Blog So Here Is What Happened When I Cut My Ear

Image credits: mellentuck

#20 Real Good

Image credits: tomwilliamsss

#21 My Husband’s Quarantine Haircut…the First Of Many To Come

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#22 Quarantine Haircut

Image credits: leeroy_acko1

#23 My Brother Gave Himself A Haircut Because Hairdressers Are Closed Due To Corona. He Watched A Yt Tutorial, It Didn’t Work Out

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#24 Day 8

Image credits: Dubravkx

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