People Are Laughing At These Ridiculous Stock Images That Show Women Completely Unable To Drink Water

Our bodies are around a staggering 60% percent water. Hydration has been known as the holy grail of health, beauty, and wellbeing. Remember the 8×8 rule? Eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters or half a gallon per day, keep problems, drama, and aging away.

No wonder “competitive water-drinking” has become an internet craze in the past year. But what about those unlucky few who just can’t, no matter how hard they try, get that gulp of refreshment into their mouths?

Apparently, stock images don’t, or rather “do,” make a great deal out of it. People on the internet have noticed the risqué nature of such pics, especially when the models are exclusively young, attractive women. Let’s see it to believe it, and don’t forget to share your stock photo-related conspiracy theories. The struggle is real, but is it?


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What are you missing out on by struggling to down that mouthful of water? There are many benefits you get from drinking water. Research has shown that even the mildest dehydration can impair memory and cause mood swings.

It may also help to tackle sugar cravings, since the brain cannot really tell thirst and hunger apart. Drinking a glass of water before every urge to take a bite of chocolate might be all you needed in the first place. For those who are cautious about waist size, drinking water is a good trick to fill you up before sitting down for a meal. As a result, you are likely to eat less food to feel full.


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For some of us, plain water might sound boring. There’s no flavor, no color, it’s bland, and you’re opening a can of Coke instead. Even if Coke is mostly water, it still has a couple of diuretic components like caffeine and sodium. Not only can added sugar trigger eating binges for some, but caffeine may also cause diuresis—an increased production of urine. However, soda drinks add up to maintaining fluid balance when consumed with water-rich foods and plain water.


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