Paul Kantner Marty Balin Jack Casady on "The Vicki Lawrence Show" 1994

Paul Kantner Marty Balin Jack Casady on "

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    1. It's freaky that Paul K died THE SAME DAY as Signe Andersen. Not the same date, the same DAY.

      I realize that this sort of comment isn't popular, but screw it:

      I'm 27 (born in '91) and I love Airplane and The Kantner/Slick opus "Blows Against The Empire".

      "I'm doing things that haven't got a name yet." (Kantner in "Wild Thyme", I think).

      INDEED! What an exciting time it must have been. Every time you turned around, some new band sprang up which didn't sound must like anything else. Rock was new, there was room to grow. I admit that I'm enamoured of the whole Woodstock, Summer of Love thing. The Dead, CSNY, Quicksilver, many things. There are many good bands and artists out these days, too, but it's really hard to be truly innovative. With each passing year, there are fewer and fewer things that have never been done…

      FWIW — I also like Yes, up through "Relayer" anyway. (Hey! Put down those tomatoes!) Awesome stuff, even the the lyrics are at times utterly impenetrable.

      Note that this comment isn't about me. I lay no claim to be "cool". It's about THE MUSIC and the timelessness of it all! So I like plenty of things that were written before I was born. Who doesn't? 🙂

      Vickie Lawrence was sort of annoying, but not too bad. She kept it lively. I love hearing Kantner talk. It seems like he was the soul (or maybe the mind, the conscience) of the band. And Marty's singing is SO intense, sometimes achingly beautiful, I didn't expect him to be so playfully witty. 🙂

      Anyway, it was fun. I love time travel. 🙂

      It's too bad that Jorma and Grace weren't there too. The whole group could have filled up a whole hour with stories and commentary on the times.

    2. I wonder why Jack brought the bass out. Was it just a prop ? If so, I'm sure it wasn't Jacks idea. Now years later, if that was his signature EPI bass, he could have promoted it. I want one , but lefty 's are no where to be found.

    3. Vicki, I was 14 and living in California when Woodstock was happening and I remember it better than you do. I hate it when talk show hosts don't do any research. And why for Gods sake does the audience on all those talk shows (talking about back then) look like stiffs with a permanent smile on their face?

    4. In the parlance of the times she was a square. She was in the cafeteria doing homework at lunch kind of kid I think. She didn't get that these musicians were so fuckin superior to her. I was waiting for her to toss that great album cover, bich. RIP guys, somebody wake up Jack.

    5. I dislike Lawrence's obvious dismissal opinion that the Airplane were a bunch of stoned-out hippies and little else. They were also a bunch of great musicians, and please take that into consideration too!

    6. Marty Balin, vocalist and guitarist co-founder of Jefferson Airplane, one of the biggest names in San Francisco's psychedelic rock in the sixties, my condolences to his wife Susan Joy Balin and familaires, friends, all fans dismayed at his departure from negligence of physicians in surgical procedures in previous years may have affected the sudden departure of this outstanding musician who is among "The Greats" in the Role of Rock in "Rool!" Yes Marty Balin is a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame God bless you, Jesus, you'll always be revered by the public, and warmly embraced! ", and now with fellow bandmates like Signe Anderson, first vocalist for Jefferson Airplane and Paul Kantner, founder of Jefferson Airplane, another outstanding musician.

    7. Jack didn't say much but what he did say was probably closer to the truth about doing acid and performing on stage
      AND he had his Epiphone right there with him.

    8. "you kids are having waaaay too much fun". "we'll make a law against that" "first I'll hit this whaddyacallit." Oh, tab, soon as I hit this tab here." Then I'll start making busts.

    9. to much woodstick at least marty speaks the real 60s 67 68 and 69 when it was over i was born 67 and the best rock is that year 68 when heavy metal was born.

    10. if vikki was 10 years younger than the airplane guys who are silents and oldest boomers than she would have been closer in age to the 70s age group as she is carol burnetts daughter who is gi .