Nicklaus V Ballesteros – 'Toyota Challenge of Champions' 1986, Ireland.

Nicklaus V Ballesteros - '
    Royal Dublin GC, Ireland was the venue for a light-hearted challenge match between Severiano Ballesteros and Jack Nicklaus on 21st July 1986.

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    1. "Light-hearted"? LOL.Seve had a laugh but was trying like hell to win,his swing is poetry in motion and when the Ping worked as in '88 he was unstoppable.
      The mighty Nicklaus showed his quality even though he was obviously unfamiliar with the course.
      "Out of bounds?"
      Proper golf played by two greats,should be compulsory viewing for those who think Tiger Woods invented golf.
      Thank you,mil gracias,muy agradecido.

    2. En el minuto 12 aproximadamente, al escuchar a Nicklaus pronunciar la marca de sus palos…"su primo no, supremo", Seve y su humor, siempre dispuesto a emerger en cualquier momento…

    3. I was at Manly in Sydney. Think it was 1971 when he shot a course record 62.
      Nobody ever hit a one iron like Jack. The greatest golfer that ever lived. What a credit to the game.

    4. Seve and Jack are two of the all-time greats – we all know that – but what I find fascinating is how differently they get the job done. Jack's swing is dominated by his body, with late wrist break and has a brisk-ish tempo. It's not an "ugly" swing by any means but when you compare it to Seve it seems very matter-of-fact, it does the job consistently (and did do, many times) with nothing in it that isn't needed.
      Seve's swing is the complete opposite. Lots of wrist break with much more active arms and hands, and a lucid, flowing tempo. It quite rightly had people mesmerised. It also meant less consistency off the tee, a hook being Seve's typical "bad shot", but also made him deceptively long off the tee. He could crush a ball but because of his tendency to hook he put tremendous strain on his lower back to compensate for the active hands, so as not to close the face through the strike. That gave him serious back problems and led to his rather early retirement. Still, so beautiful.

    5. As an American and HUGE Seve fan, I just wanted to thank you for uploading this. I never knew it existed and I appreciate it. Seve was a magician, a class act and a true gentleman, even finishing the hole when Jack gave him a short putt in an exhibition match. RIP Señor Ballesteros.

    6. This match in 1986 at the Toyota Matchplay (Ireland) I feel justifies my earlier comment and Seve mano a mano more often than not came through, really miss his charismatic character.

    7. Have to agree with most comments, two great ambassadors of Golf, I would only say if Seves drive matched his short game he would have been the best. R.I.P Seve. (Cookie 007).

    8. I watched Jack play a round of golf at the Australian Golf Club in 1996, he was 58 years of age then and well past his prime, he was also rather out of shape to be fair. His swing was short and you could tell it was a real physical effort to make a decent swing. Despite this jack shot a 1 under round of 71 and to watch him manage his way around that course was an absolute delight, no wonder he won so many Majors, he truely is the very best ever.

    9. We were all awestruck with Seve's effortless swing in the 80's. He made it look so easy. He looks so comfortable.  Nicklaus always looked like he was trying and concentrating so hard, as if his life depended on it. He made golf look difficult. Just look at the agonizing way Nicklaus  crouches over the ball with his putter in the most uncomfortable posture I've ever seen. 

    10. It is wonderful to hear Jack and Seve so clearly enjoying themselves. Well done RTE and Sevefan for uploading. @ Dana Starbuck @ commented this is "gold dust". I cannot surpass that comment. It is brilliant stuff. Thanks @ Sevefan. You did us a great service.

    11. Strangely enough, Channel 4 did broadcast some US golf in the early 80s (I think they showed the Masters from '83 to '86). They may have broadcast ABCs coverage of the '83 Ryder Cup, so they could be a possible port of call.

    12. @Spence Kissack: Sure, it was (by all accounts) a big cut shot from under the lip – I've read & heard so many accounts of it over the years, and seen the stills by Phil Sheldon. But I have no idea where you could have seen it, as the BBC didn't cover that Ryder Cup in any shape or form. I do recall commentary between Dave Marr & Peter Alliss late on the Saturday of the '87 match (the first US one the BBC had ever covered, broadcasting the ABC footage & using their commentary). Seve was playing a fairway bunker shot at 17, and Marr said: "Peter, he hit the greatest shot I've ever seen in '83, with that wood out of the bunker onto the green", with which Alliss agreed. This indicates (but doesn't prove) that ABC did catch it, & that it may still exist in their vaults. But again, given the worldwide demand to see it, it's not encouraging that they've never managed to unearth it – you'd imagine they've been searching as hard as anyone. ABC really would be the only company thhatt night have it.