National Coffee Day – Friday Live!

National Coffee Day - Friday Live!
    Today we drink coffee and lots of it. We'll also discuss some woodworking!
    1:10 - Free Guild Tier is Live
    2:37 - Thread Taps back in stock
    3:57 - Cabin property up for sale
    5:08 - Gift packages!
    7:40 - Can I use the tablesaw to resaw veneer?
    10:25 - Do my planer knives need a microbevel or a back bevel?
    11:54 - Is there a significant difference between loose and integral tenons?
    14:57 - What is the best project for a beginner?
    17:42 - Is there a difference in quality between the LV and LN low angle jack planes?
    19:55 - Roubo guild project sale - 30% off -
    20:35 - If I've never done something before, am I stupid to think I can do something right away?
    22:16 - Have you ever ebonized light colored wood? -
    24:36 - Do you have any suggestions or techniques to retain symmetry while power carving?
    26:53 - What game have you logged the most hours on?
    28:48 - Is a parallelogram jointer worth the extra money?
    30:13 - How do you go about deciding on a sheen for a project?
    32:02 - Any advice on trimming iron on edge banding?
    32:30 - What's your thoughts on using non-traditional wood species on a period inspired piece?
    35:08 - What happens when you apply poly over glue that wasn't fully removed?
    36:17 - Any tips on putting hinges on a veneer MDF door?
    37:10 - Any suggestions for euro hinges on a big pantry door?
    38:25 - Have you ever worked with torrefied wood?
    39:54 - Can I use fine wood dust instead of 405 filler with West Systems epoxy?
    43:29 - New Patreon supporters
    44:12 - WWFC project preview
    46:29 - Guild project winner!
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    1. Yes, I have used saw dust and the chop glass fibers from the epoxy company with no difference in strength. You have to use slow set epoxy with saw dust because the wood soaks up the epoxy and can require more epoxy be added if the initial mix get too dry.

    2. Make sure you leave your splitter in the saw when you resaw on the table saw, that way the blade cannot pinch on the back side, you will have to remove the guard from over the blade but it can be done, just go slow and steady.