“My Mate Has Been Dressing Up Everyday To Cheer The Neighborhood Up While He Takes The Dogs Out”

With the coronavirus lockdown in full effect in large parts of the world, people are finding creative and fun ways to raise everyone’s spirits in these difficult times. One person making everyone smile is a former Royal Marine from Weymouth, England, who walks his dogs dressed up in fancy costumes.

From dressing up as a Roman soldier to becoming British Batman, the former soldier who we only know by his initials S.J., is cheering up not only his neighborhood but also the internet. His friend Jack P. posted the photos on Twitter and they got more than 21k likes and 3k retweets at the time of writing.

Scroll down and enjoy, dear Pandas! And when you’re done, check our earlier post about a British postman who also dresses up in costumes!

Jack posted photos of his friend, a former Royal Marine, who walks his dogs while dressed up in costumes

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: twitter.com

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: jackp593

Jack answered a few questions about his mate

Image credits: jackp593

Image credits: NoisyGlamour

Jack is also a former Royal Marine and is now a post-doc senior lecturer and healthcare researcher in physiotherapy. He revealed to internet users that his mate doesn’t have a Twitter account and some people expressed that they’d love to see more of his content on the social media site.

Some people also asked Jack to send their love and best wishes to the costume-loving former soldier. According to Jack, his buddy has such a large costume wardrobe _because_ he was in the Royal Marines. Our best guess is that they used to have plenty of fancy-dress parties in between rigorous training and missions.

But what’s the coronavirus quarantine situation in the UK now? Well, Brits are being told to stay home for Easter, even though the temperature outside is warming up to 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts of the country.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left intensive care but he’s still in the hospital. According to Downing Street, the PM is in extremely good spirits. In other good news, the UK has seen a massive increase in online sales of chocolate Easter eggs!

Some people posted photos of their own friends in costumes

Image credits: chrishorseman82

Twitter users just loved the former Royal Marine’s antics

Image credits: nycbunnymadison

Image credits: matthewcarter7

Image credits: Official_MRLP

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