My 30 OkBlue Comics That Are A Result Of Insomnia And Boredom

OkBlue is a webcomic that was inspired to create on a night during a week of insomnia back in November 2019. There were a lot of stressors in my personal life at the time, and I couldn’t sleep at all. I had just got a new iPad Pro and this time allowed me to practice drawing in Procreate for the first time.

When I finally had a comic idea and sketch I liked, I began coloring the main character, who I’ve referred to as “Jerry”, but who doesn’t have a formal name. I chose blue but the outlines didn’t seem right, so I made them a darker blue and before I knew it, I had colored EVERYTHING blue. When I was done, I looked at the page and said, “Ok, Blue”.  I created my Instagram page a few weeks later after drawing about 8 comics for a backlog and figuring out the shading scheme.

More info: Instagram | | Facebook


In my sketchbook, I like to doodle talking objects and animals, so I’ve brought those creations into the comic as well.  I hope just to make people laugh and raise awareness in helping others whenever possible. I have a few serious comics, but overall I try to keep the feel light and family-friendly. My editing process is usually me trying to make my wife laugh (it gives me a kick when she smirks or chuckles at one of my drawings or tells me that they’re good), she also is great at grammar so proofreads them!  If there’s ever a spelling mistake it means I jumped the gun.


My first comic, “I missed you” debuted on Instagram on December 4th, and since I’ve gained a small audience that is really engaging and great to hang with. We recently started a discord server and call ourselves the Blue Crew! I’m introverted so I feel this is a good way to put myself out there but also maintain a safety zone behind my iPad.


I hope in the future to refine some of the characters and possibly give them small arcs. I’ve always enjoyed writing and would like to incorporate more stories, but only if it maintains the same vibe. It’d be great to meet more people through the medium and I’ve always wanted to do a Comicon and sell T-shirts/merch, mainly because I think it’d be cool to see someone rocking an OKBlue T-shirt on the street.  Hopefully, I’ll feel confident enough to get jumping on those things someday! 


In short, thank you for reading OKBlue Comics, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.  Feel free to come on over to Instagram and hang with the Blue Crew anytime!



























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