Mom Lists 27 Things She Wishes She Knew Before Having Kids, And Parents Are Applauding Her

If there’s anything we can be sure of about parenting, it’s that it has quite the learning curve. It seems you’re reading all the books, attending all the classes, then your child comes into this world and you still have more questions than answers.

To give new parents a better understanding of what’s about to happen, Casey Huff has just shared all the things she wished she knew before becoming a mom. From googling your kid’s “symptoms” to feeling guilty after an inevitable mistake, parents from all over the internet really applauded Casey’s no BS approach to talking about the reality of raising a child.

“Motherhood has given me a purpose I didn’t know I had,” Casey told Bored Panda. “There’s something really humbling about having people who depend on you for everything, and it’s really put into perspective the things that really matter in life.

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As you might’ve understood from Casey’s post, there are moments when things simply don’t go the way you’d want them to. That’s OK. “If you’re at a low point and can’t physically take a break from raising your kids, find other ways to take a step back,” the mom advised. “Cancel a few activities you have planned. Have your kids take more independent time (even if it means turning on the TV for a bit longer than usual) for themselves so that you can find a few minutes of quiet for yourself. Wake up thirty minutes earlier to get a slower start to the day. Any way you can think of to find a few extra minutes of calm and quiet… Do it. It’s good for your mind, heart, and soul, and in return, it’s good for your kids!”

“We’re all in this together,” she added. “We all parent a little differently (which is okay), but we all need to step up and support one another. Motherhood is hard, but knowing someone has our back makes all the difference.”

Casey’s words really resonated with a lot of people

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