Marty Balin – Interview Part 1 – 7/6/1984 – unknown (Official)

Marty Balin - Interview Part 1 - 7/6/1984 - unknown (Official)
    Marty Balin - Interview Part 1
    Recorded Live: 7/6/1984 - unknown - , 
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    1. He wanted to make money so he started a band… he wanted to play somewhere so built a club…he picked members of his band based on their aura.. how they looked…he drank and served LSD laced punch…Marty seemed to be someone who could magically make anything he wanted happen when he was young .. those times in San Francisco were like no other in America in terms of personal freedom and creativity and limitless possibilities without the crippling cost of insurance or legal ramifications

    2. This was a good man. I interviewed Mary back in 2003. Open book. Had alot of great stories…especially Altamont. Pry one of my most favorite out of the hundred or so interviews I've ever conducted (radio).

    3. So devastatingly sexy. On that note, we need to cast Michael Fassbender for the Marty Balin biopic. Balin lives!

    4. How is it apparent he CAN actually feel someone’s aura? The meeting with creepy Phil Spector! I LOVE that Balin wasn’t afraid to say he wasn’t impressed.

    5. The thing that most people, even most people who knew and liked the Jefferson Airplane, never got was that THIS group were all intellectuals. All of them. But especially Marty Balin and Paul Kantner. These wren't just "rock musicians"; they were thoughtful philosophical individuals who were also musicians.

    6. Marty was amazing and his music still is?. The interviewer; not so much… I’ve seen several and it’s like they got their training from an ad in the back of a National Enquirer.?

    7. its interesting that at 4:29 Marty says alot of drug companies were creating mind altering drugs and giving them away at concerts..for free. Companies like JOhnson & Johnson ('baby powder'), we know Agent Orange was created by Monsanto and Dow Chemical. So the Drug test bed were young collegians/high school age kids. RIP Marty , i'll sing 'Miracles' and 'Hearts' or 'Runaway' at Mr Peabodies or El Azteca Lounge Karoake next wk.

    8. I do like San Fran…but it's a difficult city to walk around in, as there are a VERY high number of unfortunate people asking and needing help. I want to help, but it's a difficult thing…

    9. Marty Balin, co-founder and guitarist of Jefferson Airplane, one of the biggest names in San Francisco's psychedelic rock in the sixties, my condolences to his wife Susan Joy Balin and familaires, friends, all fans dismayed by their physical departure, because of and negligence of physicians in surgical procedures in previous years may have affected the sudden departure from an exceptional musician who is among "The Greats" in the Role of Rock in "Rool!"