Mack Maine Talks Lil Wayne Wanting To Leave Cash Money, “Tha Carter V” & A New Weezy Project

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    The Young Money President Mack Maine called into Miami’s WEDR 99 Jamz radio station on December 12th to speak with Felisha Monet about some of the latest subjects involving Lil Wayne, YMCMB, Tha Carter V, and more.
    During the conversation, Mack confirmed that Weezy is currently putting finishing touches on his C5 album, it will come in two parts, there is no new release date right now but it will drop in the first quarter of 2015 “for sure”, and until then it’s “Free Tha Carter V”.
    Maine also discussed Tunechi‘s tweets about wanting to leave Cash Money Records (says Tune reached his “breaking point”, as well as prays that everything works out and gets resolved asap), the Drake and Diddy fight at LIV nightclub, social media, Tyga wanting to leave Young Mula, and the current artists on YM.
    You can listen to the full interview above. Mack Maine was sure to announce that Wayne is about to start a special project for us fans too!
    Via WEDR -

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    1. yeah whatever talkers you all know you don't do nothing that really changes history or even matters And lil Wayne a your a poser You can't skate bitch Get OUT of OUR CULTURE YOU WANNA BE

    2. leave cash money bird man dont care about nun of yall leave fuck the media leave while u have the chance fuck its going to keep going on until they kill u leave

    3. Mack Mane soft gay ass….i hate when they get asked questions then wanna beat around the issue! Free C5 huh?…that clown know that ablum aint out cuz of Baby.

    4. Nothing but hot air….nobody's checking for a mac maine album …buzz is at minus 230..she was killing him with the questions..this guys full of shit!

    5. it's a shame he gave a shout out to all those sub par artists but didn't mention ymcmb's newest and only real talented rapper CASKEY. By far the best lyricist of the bunch.

    6. Man also all you fucks claim new Orleans this and that but all y'all fuckers live in Miami shits funny I rep the hood I be in the hood y'all fucks got the fuck outta that shit hole and never went back lol…

    7. Free C5… Who is stopping it baby? … Nah I wouldn't say that… Ok.. Well who the fuck stopping it nigga no one else could wayne is right up at the top of that fuckin company…that 50 year old fuckin twat child is the only one who can.. But it ain't bro you said it without saying it MAN THE FUCK UP NUT UP AND PUT THAT MANCHILD IN HIS PLACE SON!!

    8. Why do you even need too be on a label if you have to create your own buzz, Reach out to other artists for features, promote yourself, put together mixtapes all on your own? What exactly is the labels job nowadays? To snatch up an artist with a self made buzz and capitalize on his or her hard work?, Or put him on the back burner and have him ghostwriting for the other management/artist with little to no talent. Corey Gunz and Tyga were on the rise UNTIL they singed to a label. Point;

    9. Lil Wayne. If you are not happy with the label YOU CREATED basicly. Look at your boy's such as Juvenile and Manny Fresh. I mean bro You could create Wayne Money Records and shut them down and take Drake and Nicki with you. But if it's all business let me say you guys are smart.

    10. Wayne dont even own YM, Fee Banks owned it and sold his percentage to Baby about 3 or 4 years ago. Thats why Wayne aint got no say so ! the President title Wayne has is just for publicity

    11. Aside from Mack being a garbage artist freeloader, what's the point of interviewing a shmuck that is not answering the main questions and answering the obvious smh