Lil Wayne is Pissed at Martin Shkreli | TMZ TV

Lil Wayne is Pissed at Martin Shkreli | TMZ TV
    But he’s gotta take a number cuz the whole world kinda hates him already.
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    Lil Wayne is Pissed at Martin Shkreli | TMZ TV

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    1. That bitch is sooo INCORRECT he did NOT played mona lisa he played this other song that supposedly Wayne removed it from the album which is called "Just Chill "

    2. main stream media has it completely wrong about Martin… if ppl actually do there research on the whole subject ppl wouldn't hate martin.. it's a very complexed subject so ppl do understand it… over the sheep's head.. never trust msm it's all lies do ur own research on stuff… not jus this subject.. on everything wake up sheep

    3. How 12 ppl gon to put they don't like dats Wayne is mad at Martin for leaking out songs from he's songs from the C5 I feel like birdman did dat Gave it to dat guy yo cuzz birdman did a lot of fucced up shyt throw a bottle at him on stage got he's bus shoot at didn't give him he's money like Nick and drake Contract is almost up what is he going to do rich gang aint really put no working all you see is them just do a whole bunch of videos talking shit talk about Rich gang we don't bang like. Jacquees is do he's lil thing but nothing serious just known for singing but trying to be a rapper to but like I said he dose he's thing dats birdmans new nephew I don't know Birdmans daughter had a baby

    4. It's funny that this guy gets wutang clans CD no one does anything about it then he plays this music and no one is going to do anything about it