Last Man Standing Has a go at Hillary :)

Last Man Standing Has a go at Hillary 🙂
    Credit to for the source. I couldn't find one on YouTube, and I imagine I'll soon find out why. The original link:

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    1. Soooo….every show/movie takes several jabs at Trump and it's okay…take one stab at Hillary and the show gets pulled. Don't you just love Hollywood's double standard.

    2. Electing a woman for just being a woman is wrong. I would absolutely vote for a woman who has the same values and ideas that I have. Voting for someone just because of their sex is sexist and a person buying into a false narrative. A vote should be based on if you agree with thier policies or not. Thier gender, sexual orientation, skin color, and religious beliefs are all non factors……how you will lead our country is important.

    3. This also confirms that female privledge is very true. Similar to black privledge being what literally made Obama get elected. Its so big that you can literally get elected into office specifically for that reason, even if you have proof that shows you are a criminal and a traitor to the United states.

    4. Yep. She totally summed it all up. Like Obama getting elected just because of the color or his skin, she almost got elected just for her gender and not the content of her character. "If you dont vote for Obama, you're a racist". "If you dont vote for Hillary, you're a sexist". "If you dont like Black Panther you're a racist". "If you dont like Captain Marvel you're a sexist". They literally confirm by their actions that they care about preserving what millions have died for and our childrens futures as much as shitty comic book movies… They are fake. They dont actually CARE…All they care about is making people THINK that they care…

    5. Electing a murdering, lying crook as president just because she was a woman. I hope Nancy Travis was just following the script and not really felt this way.

    6. When Obama was elected as the first black president all the racism disappeared in America. We could have done the same for sexism with Hilary.

    7. regardless of politics, all these jokes suck, the lines they make this little girl say is not shameful for political purposes, but because the jokes suck

    8. Electing someone for their skin tone or their gender is so Wrong!! We are supposed to elect people on their merits and their ability to follow Constitutional standards for Our Republic!
      One Nation under GOD! Not a nation under gays! Go cry a river Snowflakes! 😇🗽🇺🇸👍

    9. There are many women who would be Great Presidents. Conie Rice comes to mind first. Hillary, would have been a disaster.

    10. The next time a man and woman run against each other for the presidency, I'll vote for the man, regardless. I don't care if he's a Hitler and she's a Florence Nightingale. …Fair enough, isn't it?

    11. And that is what's wrong with most women voting….
      They will vote for anyone with a pussy…
      Instead of what the person stands for and their goals…
      We're lucky Hillary is such a screw up

    12. I hate that they made her and the oldest daughter into libtards. Even the other 2 daughters went Left. Yet, they still canceled the show; it can never be libtarded enough if the protagonist is conservative.

    13. Yes, voting for a person merely because of their sex is wrong. On the other hand, I will never, ever, ever pull the Democratic lever again. They now have a Communist agenda (have for 50 years now) and as such I do not care who the Republicans put out there for a candidate. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for the continued subversion and demoralization of Western Culture, and anybody who doesn't realize that isn't paying attention (or is far too young to understand what life was like before the Cultural Marxists came to power)

    14. People should vote for the best candidate, not vote based on the candidate's gender or sexual preference or religion or ethnicity/race. We haven't had a dwarf/midget or mentally retarded person as president, but I won't vote for a candidate just because of that (but I would vote for that person if that person was the best candidate). There are lots of "kinds" of people we haven't had as president yet, but that shouldn't matter. The only thing that should matter is the best person for the job, because it is a job.