Kronwall Leaves His Feet & Elbows Carter 5/1/09

Kronwall Leaves His Feet &
    Nicklas Kronwall of the Detroit Red Wings leaves his feet and elbows Anaheim Ducks' Ryan Carter in the face. Carter received a few cuts to his face as a result of the hit. Kronwall did not receive a penalty on the play, yet Mike Brown of the Ducks was kicked out of the same game for a legal check on Juri Hudler.
    Round 2, Game 1 of the Western Conference Playoffs - May 1, 2009

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    1. @Spartan113 lol you suck at life. The ref losing sight of the puck allowing you guys to win a game on pure semantics is ten times the fluke that Cleary's garbage goal was.

      Shitty, dirty goals are a part of hockey. A ref 100% fucking a team out of a chance to win a game isn't.

    2. @ddenman76 Actually the player being hit doesn't have to have the puck. There's what is called a cushion. Brown was within the cushion. Same goes for when Scott Stevens leveled Paul Kariya in the neutral zone. Kariya had just dished the puck and got steamed rolled. No penalty as there shouldn't have. Brown should not have been penalized.

    3. when a car slams into something does it not jump off the ground in some cases, especially when its weight is centered high? same concept with checking, u can see he doesnt jump the impact lifts his feet, not saying it was a clean hit by any means but its still not like he jumped

    4. nice clean hit by Kronner, people just don't know how to handle big hits anymore. Kronwall is a great hockey player and other teams/fans hate him because they don't have him. go hockeytown!!

    5. @ddenman76 just because its a retaliation doesn't mean he shouldn't get a penalty. Especially a charging elbow aka a horizontal elbow based flying dutchman

    6. There was ONE, goal not given. ONE.

      And missed calls, like the fucking one in this video? Jesus, is every one in Detroit as stupid as Dead Wings Fans?

      And the Ref lost sight of the puck, so it wasn't a goal to begin with. Nice try though. And its not like you would have won the game with that goal, you would have TIED it. That doesn't mean you would have won the game.

      Oh and Anaheim beat Detroit in Six in the WCF.

      Not to mention the fluke goal that Detroit won on in game 7.

    7. You're right, I don't know shit. I've only played, reffed, and coached hockey for over 20 years. Not to mention watching hockey for over 30. Zetterberg is a clean player, but I was referring to him covering the puck in the crease with no call in the finals, TWICE.

    8. Clearly, you don't know shit about hockey. Anyone who knows dick knows that Zetterberg is one of the cleanest players in the league. I'm not even a fucking wings fan and I know that.

    9. dude red wings cheat i just watched some guy get hit in the face then the puck hit him in the ribs. but nothing happened to the red wings for that

    10. Kronwall did not leave his feet before the hit….only after the hit was delivered did his feet come off the did carters….Browns hit was a deliberate hit well after the puck left Hudlers stick.

    11. Clean hit. Yes, Cronwall left his feet—AFTER the collision, so did Carter. Just because the announcers say he did does not make it so. The referees had a better/closer view and got it right.

      Clean hit, by one of the best.

    12. The difference is the puck is present in the hit on Carter, it is not in the hit on Hudler. Anyone who has played the game knows hits like Brown's hit on Hudler present themselves, and are ONLY used in cases of retaliation or sending a message. Carter is expecting a hit, Hudler was not. It was a cheap shot and the refs got it right.

    13. I can't believe you ducks fans are making way with a 2-1 lead with the refs behind you, and you still find a way to complain!

      The ducks are 10 times more dirty than the wings! everyone knows it!

      Lets just look at the end of game 3. The ducks win, start to celebrate and decide to go after Zetterberg.

      Then Pronger (aka dick head) goes after datsyuk. That is a 7 inch difference. What is he accomplishing?
      Just making his rep a little dirtier.

    14. when did the nhl get so soft…10 years ago no one would have even mentioned this "hit."

      kronwall's hits last year, now those were hits