Krakatoa – The Great Volcanic Eruption

Krakatoa - The Great Volcanic Eruption
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    Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare...
    Docudrama about the gripping story and events leading up to the cataclysmic eruption of the volcano Krakatoa in 1883.
    On 27th August 1883 the uninhabited island of Krakatoa blew itself out of existence with an explosion the equivalent power of 150 million tonnes of TNT.  The eruption was so loud that the sound was heard over a twelfth of the Earth’s surface, the shockwaves reverberated around the entire planet, seven times.  This explosion also caused giant tsunami, the largest of them twice the height of those of 2004.  These enormous waves wiped out 165 Indonesian towns and villages killing over 36,000 people.  Within hours news of the disaster was transmitted around the globe, and scientists of the time struggled to comprehend the geological forces that caused the tragedy.
    Indonesia has so many volcanoes and earthquakes because of its geographical position.  The archipelago that starts in Northern Sumatra stretches over 3,000 miles south.  It has been created by the forces where two of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s surface, meet.  The ocean floor of the Indo-Australian Plate and the Asian landmass of the Burma Plate are in collision.  As they push against each other the heavier ocean floor is forced underneath the lighter continental rock.  Krakatoa lies directly above this subduction zone.
    This film reconstructs the true stories of survivors from their accounts and diaries, to piece together what happened in the months leading up to the most famous eruption of all time.

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    1. @23:00 was a massive compression shock, expressing the incompressibilty of water.
      When we all have seen huge barrels of high explosives dropped from destroyers unto submarines, the diameter of the shock is rarely over 100 feet. Though water is not compressible, the intensity of the underground shock must have been IMMENSE! Considering the Fourth Point lighthouse was about 24 miles away from The three volcanic peaks of Krakatoa, Perboewatan, the largest, Danan, the smaller middle peak, and Rakata, smaller still.
      There is nearby the remnants of past eruptions, those being the fragments of the outer edges of what had once been a t least two much larger cones. Indeed, the ENTIRE Sunda Strait May have once been blown apart in a MASSIVE eruption covering the ENTIRE Strait., just be observing the shape of the separation of the two large Islands of Sumatra and Java.
      A book that is an exciting and highly entertaining and informative source is "Krakatoa", by Simon Winchester. if you dig this event and want to know more, you MUST buy it for about $7 on eBay. You will be glad you did.

    2. LOL when I was watching another krakatoa video its like there telling a story It said once upon a time there was a ship passing by and the volcano exploded LOL I laugh it like a normal story

    3. What a great video taking into consideration that such a well kept documentory has been ready for anyon er to look at.
      I can never understand why humans have the habit of rebuilding on the very spot they know is going to do the same again, weather its floods fires otr volcanos , to a point i can understand that the sea is a great provider therefore people will always try to live in close proximity but as has been noted, the percific has a built in early warning system built in but the indian ocean does not and thisvseems rather stupid bearing in mind that this volcano is still so active
      Very interesting video.

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    5. ah i remember reading about this eruption being 180 decibels and 194 is the threshold of a sound wave on the earth's surface. sounds crazy and unbelievable that this eruption could be heard half way around the world.

    6. If that happened, I would probably crack my toe and yell ahhhh while trying to flee. The stumped toe would probably bother me more than the incoming tsunami.

    7. Ok so let me get this straight 14 weeks before the BIG eruption the earth splits open and starts spewing out fire 🔥 and the top of Krakatoa starts pouring out ash that looks like an atom bomb 💣 just went off 📴 while a pyroclastic flow of ash comes down the mountain…….and nobody thinks its time to get the HELL out of here? I would have been gone at that point

    8. Ker-tim-baahng NOT Cat-im-baeng. Kraa-kaa-taa-oo NOT Crack-a-toe-er. We Asians, South Americans, Africans, Polynesians, Indigenous Australians, and Mainland Europeans usually pronounce A as 'AAH and not 'AE' like North Americans and European Australians do.

    9. if the earth were flat there would be no such thing as a volcano those who believe such nonsense are an easy mark for a con artist or a religious cult this is not even the worst mount tambora was 4 times the eruption and killed 75.000 thousand immediately millions died later from cholera and riots from famine and that is not even a super eruption nobody alive today has ever seen a super eruption but we know they exist