Jordan Spieth's Intervew After Collapsing on Final Day at Masters 2016

Jordan Spieth'
    Poor lad.

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    1. Really want him to pull through tomorrow. The kid is coming back. If you loved the Tiger comeback this outta have you buzzing too

    2. he choked on amen corner on purpose. They gave him the lead early so he had a final round choking. This is all planned out. Much like the other nights kobe 60 point farewell. This is creating the drama and excitement when they choose jordan to win again. They are creating the hero. This kid is chosen people. Golf, along with all professional sports are controlled riggings. If you want to see how obvious it can be watch the last few superbowls. Many, many people knew exactly what teams would be in the years superbowl and the exact outcome of it, including myself. I bet a boatload of money and got in early so made an absolute killing. By next year when the positive returns continue ill quit my job and go full time as a sports better. Its not luck people, knowledge is power. There is life changing money on the table just waiting for you….are you smart enough to grab it? Or have you been deceived?

    3. I would bet all my golf clubs that Jordan is back in the lead at Augusta very soon. Hopefully next time he has a 5 shot lead so he can just hit 8 instead of 9i and not worry about it.

    4. it all boils down to odds….winning the masters back to back. nobody wins the masters back to back unless youre a tiger or a golden bear. its just such a rare thing that it was inevitable for him to break down.

    5. "How you play shows some of your character. How you win or lose shows all of it". His eyes during the jacket ceremony tell me he will be difficult to beat in the future…class act !

    6. Value people for who they are, not for what they own or how much money they have. – To everyone saying 'oh, who cares he lost!(a chance at a moment he would dream about doing ever since he could remember), he still has 50 million dollars in the bank.'

    7. probably needs to experience some "real pain" to put things in perspective.i'm guessing this is the most traumatic experience in his life. i wish.

    8. This was a fluke in my opinion. He showed through the weekend he knows how to play Augusta the best. Think he will dominate in years to come.

    9. I don't feel sorry for him. He is easily one of the most boring golfers to watch on the course and in the interviews…completely bland comments….statements are all par for the course…not a risk taking guy. Didn't deserve to win..

    10. No, Jordan was not like Tiger; he is only 22 years old and because of his kindness and humbleness that Tiger liked,
      no comparison, for sure. Jordan will be back, I'm certain.

    11. More proof that Tiger in his prime was one of a kind. He was the ultimate closer. He was 14 for 14 when leading on Sunday in a major championship from 1997-2009. When he had the competition down, he extended the lead and broke the record, as opposed to taking it easy or collapsing under pressure.

      I have seen a few golfers with the talent and precocity of a young Tiger Woods, but none with his competitive drive, ruthless work ethic, and mental toughness.

    12. Such a class act … it's easy to say and do the right things when you win, but the real person comes out when things don't go well. This guy is solid in victory and defeat and he will be remembered for his wins, not this loss … and the wins will be plentiful. Seriously, big picture is, in your first 3 Master's you finish 2nd, 1st, 2nd.