JIVA Coffee Cubes Compared With Starbucks VIA

JIVA Coffee Cubes Compared With Starbucks VIA
    My favourite cup of coffee is made with the Aeropress using fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee. I don't always have time to roast and grind my coffee or want to carry my Aeropress. That is when I use instant coffee. The instant coffee I carry is the Starbucks VIA. Now I have an opportunity to try something new. JIVA Coffee Cubes.
    You can find more information on JIVA Coffee Cubes at

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    1. Hi Mark, just caught up with this video. Another good review.
      Amazon Canada shows 24 cubes of classic Jiva for CAN $14.99, 62 cents per cup. Shipping free with Prime. I'm going to give it a shot…. no pun intended, as at 22 December 2018.

    2. Mark I sent you a video of my alcahol stoves I made to burn
      Out the creasode out of my
      Tomshoo gasifire stove
      I also use them to boil
      A large amount of water
      Jim Gish

    3. gotta go with zero sweet over a little sweet. Thanks for the info…I was looking to get the non-sweetened Jiva…I would have been extremely upset to pay that kind of money for sweetened "non-sweet"!

    4. 10:11 Instant skim milk powder. If you prepare your powder using cold water first and then add it to your hot coffee or hot tea you will avoid the clumping or cheese curd as I call it. I certainly get less clumping when the skim milk powder is fresh from the store, but get no clumping when I make it up using cold water first even when it has been sitting around for a few months or more.

    5. I definitely want to try the Jiva. I'm a medium-roast person and this sounds delicious. I usually carry Mt. Hagen Organic Coffee in the little straws (like VIA). It's really, really good. But I have to carry extra sugar with me, and the sweetened Jiva might mean I didn't need extra sugar in my bag. Gotta have the Moo Creamers though. (Please don't judge!)

    6. Hi Mark, you may be interested in a video on coffee making outdoors. He uses a Porlex coffee grinder plus other special equipment. His YT is called Patrick Dickinson.

    7. Interesting comparison. If Im going instant, Via French Roast, black is my go to so I imagine I will stick with it. If Im going with a Starbucks instant latte I will do 1 pack latte with 1 pack of Via to make it more robust.
      I usually make cowboy coffee though. Its worth the effort for me and I enjoy the process as well. Thanks again Mark👊

    8. What, no big spoonful of sweetened condensed milk? I picked up some all in one packages of coffee at Canadian tire. Are they good coffee? No. Are they good enough coffee if you have nothing else? Yes.. I would like to see your comparison on instant coffees. Thank you for the video, Mark

    9. Mark if your still looking to get a FireBox 🔥Nano. Steve is have a sale on Kickstarter very soon and really good prices.

    10. Excellent review Mark. I couldn’t agree more with you on the sweet taste of this cup of coffee. ( i like sugar myself)😋. The NSB cup is one well deserved gift for you. Wish you all the best an healht my friend. -Yves 🍁🏕🍂

    11. Have seen a few reviews from other tubers & all I'll say is I'm Sticking with my Folgers in my GSI Commuter Java Press. Thanks, Mark Happy Trails                 ATB Ter  God Bless

    12. You sold me on the Aeropress and don't think I'll be moving to these. I prefer it black and without sugar. Nice to be recognised with the mug. 👍

    13. nice review, i usually just bring maxwell house instant coffee with me in a zip lock bag with some coffee mate but for someone who wants something a little better good choices to look into, thanks Mark

    14. Very thorough presentation. I am very much like you in that the process of making and brewing coffee is part of the enjoyment associated with drinking coffee. I have never had any of these "yuppy instants" but I can see where they could be useful at times.

    15. Great video. I like a great cup of coffee, but I watch the weight. Try Medaglia D’oro instant expresso. Great stuff. I get it on Amazon.

    16. Years ago Maxwell House had a tea bag called “ Singles” it was a mix of ground coffee and instant. They tasted really good, but like a lot of things no longer made. I try to make fresh coffee when I can, but that can mean half the stuff in my pack is for making coffee. Sometimes it’s just a Starbucks VIA or a VIA caramel latte for a sugar buzz. Coffee and Bacon in the Woods and a good view is all we ask for….

    17. Hi Mark. You look well and that’s great after your surgery and I pray that you will have total healing from that feared difficulty.

      On the coffee topic, I have been using Aero Press at least once a day and sometimes as many as three cups and am on bean package three so far. So far I am reduced to no sweetener, (most of the time), and no milk or cream also most of the time. I definitely want my coffee not as strong as you do, but getting used to it to my friends delight. Thanks for sharing the Aero Press with us.

      Live long and prosper my friend.